March 23, 2014


Life's got some great positive and a few lows right now! Let's start with my weekly workouts which got halted because of the ankle sprain on Wednesday. Because of this snafu, my workouts are a little weak for the weak, but I would say that I have a good excuse!


8.5 miles

Renegade Metabolic

10.5 miles

I realized I never shared how I sprained my ankle. Well, it did not occur how I thought it would have. It has warmed up a lot here in Toledo, but we continuously have days of frigid weather. Given all these fluctuations, there is still a good amount of snow and ice in people's yards and sidewalks. I was so peeved while running because I nearly slipped a number of times, cursed the homeowners for not clearing their sidewalks, and just knew I was going to break something because of this. I finally got past the residential portion of my route and was trucking along when I fumbled over a piece of wood. I completely fell over the left side of my left ankle. It was killer pain at first, but then I was able to "wobble" the pain out and figured I was a-ok. I did not recollect hearing any pops or snaps, but I was also cruising along to Pandora, so I kind of cursed myself for not really being sure. After about half a mile of feeling"ok" I just kept going the last 5.5 + miles. I got home showered, fed the dog, ate my dinner and felt swell so simply assumed I was fine.

THEN IT HIT ME LATE AT NIGHT! Like a ton of bricks, I awoke to my foot throbbing like I needed it amputated! Did I mention that Coach Kemp was out of town? I ended up calling him at like 2:00am freaking out because I could not get out of bed; I could barely put pressure on my big toe! I calmed myself down and did a good amount of self-talking/positive mantras that I was not going to die! I then got on all fours, crawled to the stairs and scooted down the stairs to get ice. Going up was also quite interesting since I was also trying to manage the bag of ice and Prince was confused as to why "we" were up so early. Why oh why does the dog not speak/understand all of the English language! I took some aspirin, elevated my foot, and iced it while trying to fall back to sleep. Let's just say I did not have the best rest Weds night!

The moral of the story, always RICE (Rest Ice Compress Elevate) after any twist or bauble or even a long run for that matter. Hey, I am alive to share about my experiences so it's not that bad!



I contemplating going to Renegade Friday morning, but it just did not happen! My ankle was progressively feeling better but I felt the need to err on the side of caution, and I am thus far glad that I did. I hear the workout encompassed the prowler, and I am not upset that I was not present for that workout. However, I knew Jen and Chris, would have been more than willing to give me an alternative/replacement exercise.

Renegade Mix Workout

I was really happy that Coach Kemp and I were able to rise and shine early on Saturday to attend the early morning group class. I only had to modify two moves: (a) band squat, jumps and (b) dumbbell curl, lunge. For the band squat, jump - I simply removed the jump action and increased my rate of the band squats. I probably could have safely completed the lunge within the dumbbell curl, lunge but I did not want to exert a ton of energy worrying about doing the back lunge given my ankle. I have been known to roll my ankle slightly when stepping back for the lunge. So, I amped the weights to 20lbs, and got to curling.

Weeks Mileage: 19 Miles
Renegade Classes: 2

The other portion of my 50-50 attitude has to do with the NCAA tournament! Let's see what has me happy and what has me sad!

Dayton beating Syracuse (55-53)

Wisconsin beating Oregon (85-77)

Florida beating Pittsburg (61-45)


Milwaukee's loss in the 2nd round to Villanova!

VCU's loss to SF Austin in the 2nd round by 2 in OT! I actually watched this game, and it was such an intense nail biter.

Nebraska, and the Tim Miles show, were unable to surpass the athleticism of Baylor. Did anyone catch Tim getting thrown out of the game? Well, congrats to Craig Smith for getting an opportunity to take over the reigns. For those that do not know, Craig is a former head coach and NAIA National Coach of the Year!
NDSU losing to San Diego State is the disappointment of the tournament thus far. Now I am upset they lost, but so immensely proud of their season! Gosh, they did such a fabulous job and I hope each of them knows it!

Question of the Day: How is bracket going thus far? Any huge disappointments? 


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