March 6, 2014

Fabletics Review

I have a slight obsession with workout clothes which I am sure is not a surprise given the amount of physical activity I engage in weekly. So when Jocelyn (Remember her?) asked for some opinions on a pair of workout pants a few weeks ago that she got through Fabletics, I figured I should give it a try!

So, what is Fabletics

Co-founded by Kate Hudson and the founders of JustFab, Fabletics delivers high-performance athletic wear at an affordable price. Fabletics apparel focuses on fit, function and style, offering complete, coordinated Outfits for your workout and beyond. All of our high-quality apparel and accessories are designed in sunny Los Angeles. (Wish I lived there :) )

How does it work?
  1. Create Your Lifestyle Profile - Take our quick lifestyle quiz so we can get to know you better.
  2. Receive Personalized Outfits - Each month, you'll find new outfits hand-selected just for you and your workouts.
  3. Shop! - Buy the outfits you love or skip the month altogether. There's never any obligation to buy.
I became a member and ordered two outfits!

Outfit #1
Switch Back Tee + Lima Flex Capri + Vaasa Sports Bra

Review: This whole ensemble is SUPER cute; I got so many compliments when I wore it on Monday. The capris are very comfortable and actually have a key pocket in the right hip area, so I can wear these to run too. The top is loose and has a knot-style in the back. Overall, I would not recommend the top and sports bra for a cardio-intense session. I did flash a few people while doing burpees and trying to manipulate the straight bar! (They saw my stomach and sports bra, not my actual breasts!) The top is super light, but in a positive way, and I could even imagine wearing this outfit as a casual Saturday errands type of style. The sports bra does not provide a terrible amount of support, but the back is cute too. I could imagine the sports bra being appropriate for a yoga session, if I ever get myself around to incorporating that into my fitness routine. 

Style: A +
Workout Functionality: C

Outfit #2

Kumo Tank + Camacan Capri

Review: I too got a compliment on this top, but not nearly as many as outfit #1. The top has a cute back, as you can see in the first picture, but I had to add an old sports bra for extra support. If you are heavily endowed in the chest region, you will want/need to add an additional sports bra, or you may have some troubles wearing this outfit! I like the colorful details on the sides of the pants, although they are a different material and fit than the Lima Flex Capri. 

Style: B
Workout Functionality: B - (only because I had to add a sports bra)

On the first of each month, you receive an email notice that your outfits have been chosen. I chose not to order anything for this month, since nothing jumped out at me. I am contemplating changing my profile since to strictly indicate running as my preferred activity. I originally picked the general category. But I could always keep it the way it is and look out for additional casual/fitness attire, which is nice for being at home and doing errands. Did you forget that I work from home so my daily attire is workout/casual wear! 

Question of the Day: Would you want to try Fabletics? If so, contact me, I can send you the link!



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