March 5, 2014

What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW): 3.3.14

Public Service Announcement: Toledo Basketball Edition

Congratulations to the University of Toledo Men's Basketball program for winning their final away game last night verse Central Michigan. We still have one last home game of the regular season on Saturday, but we have already surpassed a school-record with 25 wins! We have also clenched either the 1st or 2nd seed in the upcoming MAC tourney! More about this after Saturday's game!


No, there is nothing wrong with your screen! Indeed, my oatmeal is green because of the Swanson's Green Food that has been included. And, before you turn up your nose, give it a try. There really is no flavor, at least in the plain green food that we have on hand currently. They also carry flavored kinds that you can find in many health stores, I will et you know what I think of those when I decide to get adventurous.

Not only does my oatmeal have 1Tbsp of "greens" but also a scoop of protein powder, and 1/2 c organic frozen mixed berries. I purchased a huge bag of the organic berry mix at Costco's. Yes, the same kind that was recalled back in June 2013 for a hepatitis recall. Oh how comforting; NOT, yikes not the thing you want to learn when googling a food item that you've been consuming for a few weeks now!

Has anyone else tried this creamer? It was eh, in my opinion. I do not think I enjoyed the cinnamon flavor in my coffee. And somehow I forgot to buy more creamer at TFM and have been drinking my coffee with almond milk which is not that great either, major fail on my part!


I got really creative for my Snack #1, just kidding. This is 1/2 C greek yogurt with 1 Tbsp "greens," my favorite WOW sweetener, and 1/2 C mixed berries. I keep a small container of the frozen berries in my fridge for easy access to my breakfast dishes and snacks!


After a quick "lunch-break" run, I ate this yummy Red Pepper Soup, recipe later. I made the base of the soup, and then simply added 4 oz boiled chicken and 2oz (dry) quinoa noodles. (I did cook the noodles before putting in my ready-prepared broth. ) I figured this was the simplest way to monitor the amount of protein and then I can add the quinoa pasta when I consume the soup after workouts.

After work I got my nails and eyebrows did, and I was simply not feeling the whole cooking idea. I was contemplating making some tilapia, its in the fridge, but I was lazy so I headed to TFM and got some carb-free sushi.
California sushi minus the rice, score! Pretty sure the imitation crab is not high on the clean-eating diet, but whatevs!

Snack / Dessert

OMG! If you have not tried a Quest bar, then you are missing out, and especially the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar baked in the oven!!!

I cut the bar into fourths and placed on a cookie sheet for about 10 minutes. I accidentally burnt the bottoms a tad, but this was pretty darn dreamy. I also had 1/2 C almond milk to complete the whole effect! Yums!!!

Questions of the Day: What Quest recipes have you tried? Did you know you could "cook" them?


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