March 24, 2014

The Highs & Lows of Basketball

On this blog I strive to provide my readers a glimpse into the life of being a college basketball wife. I am most certainly in the dawn of this lifestyle; "wet behind the ears," of sorts; and still trying to learn the "rules" of the game, but overall there are many highs and lows in this business. Today, Nicole Phillips, wife to NDSU's Saul Phillips, wrote a post about the emotional roller-coaster that was recently had for their family.

If you are unaware, the North Dakota State University Bison beat #5 Oklahoma to proceed in the NCAA tournament. They were the first Summit league conference team to win a game in the NCAA tournament, and then loss to San Diego State last Saturday.

Nicole, a former Miss Wisconsin (MAO 1997) and news broadcaster, now author and public speaker has a fabulous website/blog, Kindness is Contagious. I often read her posts about the importance and power of kindness. She writes a weekly column for a local Fargo newspaper, The Forum, which provides an outlet for individuals to share instances of kindness. In this day, sometimes I think we forget that people are kind, loving, and caring; and this column provides an outlet for these actions to be shared.

In her post today, she openly shares about the highs and lows of being a basketball wife/family. I highly encourage you to stop by her website/blog and like her Facebook page. Her posts will bring joy to your day.

Let me return to her post... She openly shares that being a basketball wife/family is fun, especially when the team is winning! True that! But, when your team is losing, or when your team's season has come to an end after a stellar season it is emotional! We, the wives/family, ride on this roller-coaster, with our husbands. Every basketball wife can tell you how "tense" the house can become after a loss, or even streak of loses. Let's just say, these guys can sometimes act like us females when our monthly friend is in town! You must walk around the house very carefully, reconsider any statement that may be made, because if there is any inkling that you are being negative/judgmental/have an opinion (I could go on), your head may be on a platter! Now, have a winning season/game, that is the time to ask for that purse you have been eyeing or for him to cook dinner!

Team Phillips is a good family as is the rest of the coaching staff.  I too found myself emotional after the loss. I was both proud as punch for their year, but also sad that it had to come to an end.

Nicole, thank you for the candid article and the reminder to always find the positive in all situations.


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