March 25, 2014

Basketball High: Becoming a Head Coach

In yesterday's post I briefly discussed one example of the emotional roller-coaster experienced by all basketball coach's wives and their family; winning and losing. If you did not check out the post, please head on over especially since the post was initiated by an article posted by Nicole Phillips, Saul Phillips wife.

Well today I figured it was best to discuss another roller-coaster aspect of this job - the high of becoming a head coach, or in this case, becoming a head coach once again!

Yesterday, Craig Smith, former assistant coach at Nebraska, was named the head coach for the South Dakota Coyotes! Coach Smith is no newbie to this role as he was the head coach at Mayville State, a NAIA II school, and Head Coach of the Year. He spent three seasons as the head coach, while advancing to three straight NAIA II national tournaments, including a trip to the NAIA II national championship game in 2007. After that experience, he rejoined Coach Miles at Colorado State and Nebraska where he has been Miles' "right hand man."

During this time of year, many coaches are getting fired and hired, which obviously can be gut-wrenching in both situations. I hope to never experience the anguish of being let go, but you never know; however, getting "hired" is a joyous occasion! I am not sure what has gotten into me, but I got a little emotional while watching Coach Smith's university introduction. You can check out the video here...

Doesn't he look so excited and proud?

I am really looking forward to the Final Four because there are so many coaches that I know by name and even their voice on the other end of the telephone line, but have never personally met! Coach Smith is one of those coaches, and I look forward to congratulating him, his wife, and kids!


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