March 16, 2014

Workouts in Review V

7.5 Miles

These 7.5 miles were logged while still staying in Tampa, FL. To be honest, I am not sure how I was able to get my body; more specifically, my feet moving after hosting the Miss and Teen Suncoast/Nature Coast pageants. Boy, I have not worn pageant-style shoes in so long, my dogs (aka feet) were killing me. Somehow, I conjured the energy to arise at 6am to run a few miles before the sun set in. Speaking of the pageant, I was such a horrible documenter of the days event, and that is more because I was so very busy with walk-through and pageant prep. Overall, I had a delightful experience hosting the pageants, and it did give me a little "itch." Thinking I will fill the void with some more running!

8 Miles

6 Miles
Renegade Metabolic

Renegade Strength

Renegade Metabolic

Rest Day

12 Miles

I decided to rest on Friday and then do my long run on Saturday. I was very impressed with my ability of running this many miles on a treadmill, I really do despise that thing!

Total Miles This Week: 33.5
Total Renegade Classes: 3

Question of the Day: How did your weekly workouts go?


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