March 26, 2014

What I ate Wednesday (WIAW): 3.25.2014

Yea! A WIAW Wednesday that is being posted (a) on Wednesday and (b) early! What is going on in the Kemp Househould? Well, if you must know, I have a professional development seminar to attend today, so I actually had to wake up to get dressed. I am taking today off as a rest day, I am very sore, so I didn't trek out to Renegade at my typical 5:15am time. I did allow myself to "sleep in" until 5:45am, and am now ready to crawl back into the bed, with my clothes on!

Whoops! I thought the session began at 8:30, it starts at 8:00am! This will be quick since I still need to out my face on :) All oldies but goodies!


4 Egg Whites + High Protein Berry Oatmeal


2% Cottage Cheese + Stevia Packet + Blackberries


Turkey Mash + Bead of Spinach + 2 Egg Whites + Braggs


I was unable to take a picture of my snack! Well, it was the Lemon Cream Pie Quest Bar, so I could have taken a picture of the opened wrapper, but later realized that I had ripped, folded, and maneuvered the thing in so many pieces while taking phone calls. Tuesday was busy since I am technically out of the office today, Wednesday, and with the upcoming Spring Break and then OAA (Ohio Achievement Assessment) testing, referrals are coming in droves!


Pork + Russet Potatoes + Roasted Asparagus

Question of the Day: have you tried any of the recipes I have provided? Would you like more?


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