June 8, 2011

Hydration 101

The weather in Madison has been so crazy. As I look outside, a huge thunderstorm is coming through town but just yesterday (and the days before it) it was SCORCHING HOT! I am talking about reaching 100 degrees (so it was like 98, close enough). I was beginning to think that I had miraculously got on a plan and traveled down to Tampa! But the problem with the weather is that it just hit us so quickly. It was only like two weeks ago when the temperature was in the 70s.

Well, this wretchedly hot temperature has put a thorn in my side in regards to my running. A few posts ago, I shared about my injury. Well, I can happily share that my ankle is back in perfect shape! I am ecstatic, and can now begin training for an upcoming 1/2 marathon. Yipee. I am planning to run the Detroit Lakes 1/2 Marathon on September 11th. I have never been to the lakes in upper MN, but hear they are beautiful and a few of J's friends have lake homes so I am sure we can make a weekend of it!

Ok, so back on topic- sorry. Last week I began my training for the upcoming half but the heat nearly killed me (Bible!- Kardashian inside joke, hehe). I tried going on a long run (8 miles) Sunday and could only push through 5 miles because I was so dehydrated. Like I am talking about the type of dehydration that the roof of your mouth is like sandpaper. It was all I could to walk the last 3 miles home! I must admit that I struggle running with a water bottle and tried the water belts, but was not keen on them either. I had purchased a cute pink one in size Small and the belt flopped all over my waist. Hmm, I am by no means a tiny person so if a Small moves around on my waist- what does it do on a tiny person's waist? Lately I have been reading more runner's blogs and came across the topic of hydration packs. I had seen/read about these before but reading the post gave me the "ah-ha" moment to purchase my own.

Yesterday I went on a 7 mile run and was comforted with my new 2011 Skeeter Raspberry CamelBak hydration backpack

Isn't it cute? Yes, I know! And it matches my running shoes! Now I must admit that it only holds 1.5L of water, which is not a lot and is intended for kids! Ha, so fitting for me. And it was a "in the moment" purchase so I was happy with the $30 price tag! Since I am currently only training for a half marathon, I think it is fitting. I am going to do some additional research to find a cute grey and pink one to match my Garmin Forerunner 210 which was gifted to me by Jason, and then I should look into a pair of pink/grey running shoes. MOTIVATION!

Now that I have my "Raspberry Pack" I am also on the quest to better hydrate and nourish myself for prosperous runs. Check out this Runner's World article, Drink This, to learn more about fluid replacement and happy running to all!



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