June 10, 2011

I Found It!

Ugh, so I am a little upset with myself for merely buying the first "girly" hydration pack that I could find, but I was somewhat desperate. Look what I found:
First, I am not completely sold on the Annadel as it too holds only 1.5L of h20. Hmm, it looks really cute though. I will continue to do some additional research but as it stands now; this will be my gift to myself when I decide to run my first marathon (more on that later). I will also purchase a new hydration pack after I find the perfect shoes to match! I am thinking the quest for the perfect pink/grey running shoe is going to be more difficult than a quick google search. See, fit/comfort is paramount for running shoes. My days of merely picking out a cute pair of shoes and terming them my “universal athletic shoe” are over. Oh no, this Brains & Beauty Running Girl deliberates on purchasing running shoes. Do not get me wrong- my fashion sense does play a small role in my athletic wear purchases. These decisions, however, are merely not as big as before or in other ensemble decision-making.

SN: It is 60 degrees in Madison. REALLY!

 Off for a run....

<3 Michelyn

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