April 1, 2014

7 Week Recap & Preparing Myself for the Final Four

I can't believe that the Renegade 7 Week Challenge has ended! Our final, end of challenge, meeting is next Sunday, April 17th which I am pumped about. The goal of our last meeting is to revisit the transformations to our diet and exercise, to review how we can improve, and more importantly, to discuss how this new life-style (aka diet) can become more of a stable way of life. 

Well, I am wondering if any of you are wondering how I did? Well, Coach Kemp was dead-on on his guestimate of my new body fat percentage, which surprised me! Overall, I am very pleased with my results, realize I could have lost more body fat/weight, but am taking what I have learned and moving forward. So without further-ado...

In total, I loss 8 pounds, went from 22.4 to 18.0% body fat, and saw decreases in my point thickness in many areas. 

We leave tomorrow for Dallas, and I know that indulgences in the alcohol department will be had. I am aiming to eat healthy for all my meals, and then just have fun at night. I am bringing a plethora of Quest Bars, did you read my full review? And also sticking to the original diet plan that was established during our challenge. At about the half way mark, my diet plan changed, so maybe for three weeks. Jen and Chris altered my diet because I was not seeing as many changes. I will discuss my reformed diet after the Final Four. 

I have been doing a little research on the caloric content of many spirit beverages and I am torn between drinking Absolut Vodka (98 calories) + Club Soda with Extra Lime or a very light bear, for example, Miller 64, Bud Select (55 Calories). I am not a huge beer drinker, so that is my one deterrent from choosing that option. The Absolut Vodka options seems to be my first choice. I actually just thought of buying Crystal Light, and asking for water in the alcohol, and then adding a little to my glass.... Do I sound crazy? 



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