April 21, 2014

Workouts in Review VIII

Week of April 13-19

I think it is safe to say that I am getting a little fatigued of running. I have been training since January, approximately 16 weeks, which is pretty standard for marathon training, but I am ready for this race! Ready meaning that I am tired of running 5-6 days a week. I have mentioned before, my only true goal in this marathon is to start and finish alive. My secondary goal would be not to stop, unless of course, for a potty break. I have been training with a water sports pack, Skeeter Raspberry CamelBak hydration backpack, which I purchased years ago. Here is my post about it way back in June 2011! I know I look like a complete retard running with the sports pack, but I have trained wearing it, and figure there is no point to change my running style/routine now! I typically also put some of my BCAAs in the water which serves as hydration and energy. My third goal would be to run under 4 hours 30minutes, but that is just a hope and plea, lol.

15 miles
Renegade Strength
Renegade Metabolic
8.5 Miles
Renegade Strength
4 Miles
5.5 Miles
Renegade Strength
6 Miles

Saturday morning I had a pre-marathon massage! I typically frequent spas for massage treatments, but I have been wanting to try out Massage Envy Spa for some time. Overall, the massage itself did the trick of loosening my legs and lower back as I desired. My masseuse did a nice job with the sports massage, but I do not think I will be frequenting Massage Envy much in the future. I was not impressed with the fact that my 1-hour massage included my undress. In my opinion, I believe my 1-hour should begin once the masseuse begins the actual massage. The overall premises were respectable, there was a quiet waiting area with magazines and water as you waited, but the ambiance was nothing like a traditional spa. 

Question of the Day: Have you tried a Massage Envy in your city? What were your impressions?

Weeks Mileage: 39 miles
Renegade Classes: 3


  1. That's a serious week of workout, way to get after it, girl!!!

  2. I'm so excited for you and your marathon! You're going to do great ! :)