April 3, 2014

Road to the Final Four: Wednesday

Wednesday morning I woke up around 7:00am to feed Mr. Princey-Poo before he went to the trainers' for his Board and Train, eat my own breakfast, and to review all my packings for our trip. I, again, had the delicious breakfast concoction from Tuesday- honestly, if you haven't tried it you are missing out.

First, it's one the easiest and quickest breakfasts around, basically all you have to do is microwave the oatmeal, and you are done. Well ok, you have to assemble everything too. Just to remind you, this is 1/2 C Old Fashioned Oatmeal, 1/2 C Almond Milk, 1/2 Banana, 1 Scoop Chocolate Protein Powder, and 1Tbsp. Almond Butter. 

I then headed out early to Renegade for a quick pre-vacation workout! Have I mentioned how much I love Jen and Chris?!?! Well, I do! I love their clients (which includes myself and Coach Kemp), the workouts, and their whole philosophy on health and fitness. If you are in the Toledo, Ohio area, I highly recommend that you check them out. I mean they did win "Best of Toledo" personal trainer! 

I first made a quick stop at the Kroger that is right across the street from their new facilities. Holy Moly is that Kroger on King Street nice! Its like a mix between The Fresh Market and Publix all in one! I walked around the store for like 10 minutes, just going up and down the aisles, I wish we lived closer! My intent was not to scope out the Kroger, I was there to explore the many Crystal Light options available. My goodness was I overwhelmed!

Like really! The market for flavoring one's water is this big?!?! Where have I been living? I really enjoy drinking plain water, on occasion I will add a little lemon/lime, but I just drink water. I, on average, will drink a diet Coke once a week, I really don't enjoy juices or milk, and am trying to not get in a serious coffee habit.

I did end up purchasing two Crystal Light Flavors, Raspberry Lemonade and Cherry Pomegranate. Last night I used the Raspberry Lemonade in my drink - vodka, water, and extra lime/lemon.

I was very pleased with this beverage and felt great this morning. I think I have found my new drink of choice. I would recommend, and will in the future, buy the squirt bottle. I opted to buy two boxes of the individual serving dry mix so I can share with the other coaches' wives.

So, I completely skipped a good portion of our day, yesterday, let me rewind. After my workout, I retuned home, showered, and then waited for Coach Kemp to return home from a short day at the office. Yes, the man worked even though we were leaving at 1pm. Did you read my post, "The Madness Never Stops" - honestly, the man works 365 days a year!?!

I was so pleased that Coach Kemp was able to score affordable tickets directly out of Toledo Express Airport. Our nearest, large airport is the Detroit Airport, which isn't far, like 45 minutes, but I just like to be done with it. Do you mind having to transfer flights? We went from TOL to ORD then to DAL, but we had no problems. I hear that a few wives are having some delays because of the rain storms in the midwest, I do hope everyone is able to arrive safely tonight!

Once we de-planed we had about an 1.5 hours between our flights which gave us plenty of time to get some food. I did have a snack post workout of 1/2 Braeburn Apple + my beloved Quest Bar. I had the White Chocolate Raspberry one, since I figured it would pair well with my apple, hehe. We found a Chili's while we were walking so stopped there for a quick lunch.

Can you see the disparity in our lunch options? Honestly, I am not sure how I muster the will-power to eat healthy with my beloved husband! He kills me some times, lol.

So it appears that their online menu is different than their airport and regular store menus. The chicken dish was from their "lighter choices" menu, and was surprisingly really good! The broccoli was simply steamed and the brown rice had some corn inside it. The chicken had a sauce, which if I was being really strict, I would have asked for them to cook without. My recollections is that the meal was about 550 Calories, but I don't know the macros breakdown, which is ok for the next few days.

As we were walking to the Chili's we passed Garrett's Popcorn. A little confession, I love sweets and it is my weakness. Like to the point that I would much rather have a piece of cake and/or cookie over any meal, and I do mean any. When I was younger, I would get an appetizer when dining out with my parents just so I could order dessert.  I was pleasantly full after our lunch, but my sweet tooth was kicking in hard-core. We decided to walk a little bit, our gate was at the most oddest of locations, and had little seating options. As we walked, we stumbled across Argo Tea Cafe! Have you guys tried it? Well let's just say the heavens opened, because I was really fighting the urge to say screw it and get some popcorn. Now the tea is nowhere close in flavoring as the popcorn, but at least I was able to settle my sweet tooth, and not completely sabotage my diet before we had even arrived in Texas!

I tried the Green Tea Strawberry Creme which is one of their seasonal drinks. It was super tasty!

By the time we both took potty breaks, we were ready to board our second flight en route to Dallas, TX!

While on this longer flight, I watched the first season of The Americans! Over the last few days, Coach Kemp and I watched Season 2, and then Coach Kemp got me Season 1 for the flight! Oh my goodness, I jumped and screamed a few times in flight. LoL! The flight attendants and the passenger seated next to me thought I was crazy! Coach Kemp kept looking at me with his "be quiet" face! Really?!?! How is a girl supposed to not react while watching that show. If you have not gotten into the series, I highly recommend it. Basically, the series is about two Soviet KGB officers posing as Americans during the 1980s, Cold War period!

And then we landed in Dallas. Took the NCAA shuttle bus to our hotel, got settled, and got the party started! I was the only wife/girl friend on Wednesday, so the night was pretty chill. We went to dinner at Hooters!

I ordered their grilled fish tacos which were really yummy! I also had a few of Coach Kemp's curly fries!

Overall, the night was really fun. I did not take too many pictures, being the only female, I tried to play it cool, hehe. I am really looking forward to a few wives being around. When we first got to the hotel around 6pm, we stopped by one of our friends room to chill and have a few drinks. I left to shower, and then Coach Kemp returned to our room reporting that all the guys would be ready in 30 minutes! Ok, prime example of why I need additional females! Yikes, I am a pretty quick dresser, but last night put my abilities to the test! Then lets not even discuss walking around downtown Dallas! All those basketball long legs, were not considering my 5-inch heels! 

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