September 2, 2012

The Countdown Until....

Those that truly know me, know that I have a personal affinity for countdowns. I love looking down to life events. On many occasions I have caught myself saying: "In xx days we will be..." Well, this afternoon after going grocery shopping and while eating lunch Coach Kemp announced: "41 days until the season begins!" I believe my tendencies are beginning to rub off on him. Would't you say?!?

Well, the next 41 days will be fun-filled so I am looking forward to them all. But, the previous weeks were wonderful as well- we got married, honeymooned in the Grand Caymans, and I began my new job!  The last three weeks have been a whirlwind! So if the next 41 days and the basketball season are anything similar, whoa I won't be able to hold onto my seat.

Yesterday I tailgated Bison style before their game opener! Coach Kemp and the men's basketball team had 8+ recruits and their families in tow so I met up with one of my new co-workers, Jamie. Well, I can certainly attest that I already love Jamie and believe she will be my new "partner in crime!"  The game itself was amazing!!!! The Bison football team won 52-0 which was a nice show/production for the high school recruits. Also during the opening of the game, they rose the official 2011 FCS National Championship banner. The football opening act is really grand, I can honestly state that is it on the professional level. Here is a youtube video to prove.

I will be honest that tailgating is nowhere near the level of a SEC team (Go Gators!) or even Big Ten (On Wisconsin!), but I still had a blast!


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