December 15, 2012

Mayhem in Minneapolis

A huge storm hit the Midwest late Saturday night/early Sunday morning and seemed to bring a haze over the Minneapolis area... This is my excuse for the set-back experienced by the Bison men on Tuesday night.

First Half Recap:
Short and simple, the guys played them even up until the last 3 minutes of the half. And then.... the Gophers went on an electric run in which they scored 8 unanswered points! Yikes, the Gophers ended the first half to lead by 11 points.

Second Half Recap:
The Bison started out the half cutting the lead to 8 and battled all the way to the end. But, they were out rebounded which proved to be too much to overcome. However in this half the Bison played the Gophers to a 2-point deficit. Their were plenty of positives to take away from this game as the Gophers are a Top 15 team in the nation, but I know the boys were not satisfied!

Check out this ESPN article about the game.

Next up the Bison travel to Maryland to play Towson!

Congrats to the Bison Football team for winning last night. They will head to the NCAA FCS National Championship once again in Texas. Yeehaa!

I have been slacking in my bi-weekly nail updates. I had to run out of the salon to meet a group of ladies for Ladies Night so I forgot to write down the Shellac blue color. It is one of the new shades, if that helps! On my left hand we glitterfied my ring finger instead of my index finger. BBB loves some glitz and glamour!


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