May 1, 2014

Glass City Marathon: Post Run Thoughts

The dust has settled, my body is feeling normal; now it is time to reflect on my training journey and race day!

I must confess, although while running at times I felt a little uncomfortable, hours after the race and days later I never got sore. Sure, I felt like I had completed a tough workout, but I was not miserable and/or in agony. I was pretty certain that I would be immobile for weeks, but actually I feel great!

It was probably good fortune that we traveled to Athens on Monday, because knowing myself I would have returned to regular workout training, if we had not. Being in Athens, and away from Renegade and Toledo streets, has forced me to rest. You know I despise rest days even though they are critical for your body.

I would state that I ran this marathon, and did not race it! And, I think that is partially why I was not sore. Exhausted, yes! Oh, I guess I should give myself credit for my nutrition, weight training, and of course runs that supported this hefty goal. But, I was not overly exerting myself during the run. I guess next time, yes there will be a next time, I will push myself to race the marathon instead of simply trying to complete it.

I had four goals to achieve on race day. How did I fare? Listen to my post-race commentary:

Goal 1: Finish Alive

When making goals, I believe in always throwing in one or two that are manageable and achievable. My first goal, to finish alive would fall under that category. I was pretty certain that I would not collapse while completing this marathon. (Disclaimer: I hope no one takes offense to my first goal. I do realize that there are a number of individuals who have lost their lives running in marathons. I, in no way, am downplaying those catastrophes).

Goal 2: Not Walk

My second goal, which obviously was pretty hefty, was to not walk. I already discussed my disappointment in walking in my other post, but to achieve three of my four goals is not bad. I have already promised myself that for Marathon #2, I will absolutely not walk. And in hindsight, had there not been the wind, I am pretty confident that I would not have.

Now, I saw and passed many runners that were walking pretty early on in the route. So, I am proud that I was able to hold off until Mile 21.

Goal 3: Finish Under 4h30mins

I finished the race in 4h26mins, only 4 minutes under that crucial mark, but I will take it. In the running world, 4 minutes is actually a significant amount of time. Shoot, seconds are huge. I was really impressed with my ability to listen to my body and progress through the marathon at my "pace." I have a tendency, during races, to start out way too fast. This can also be challenging because you are trying to weave and bob out of traffic. My wall at Mile 21 was more the result from the wind than anything.

While running, I continuously asked myself if I was comfortable, and if the pace I was running resembled all of my training runs. If the answer was "no," I would slow down or speed up. Now, most people utilize a watch to do this, I know. Like I said, my Garmin is shot, so I honestly did all of this training just by how my body felt.

For my second marathon, whenever that may be, I will include some sprint workouts. I honestly trained for distance; rather, than speed. So looking ahead, I would like to incorporate both in my workout plans. I too would like to purchase a new Garmin or Polar. I feel like Polar's are the new big thing, everyone has one. Why am I late on this bandwagon?

Above is the Start Time of Marathon, Not Indicating when I first crossed the Start line. 
Goal 4: Have Fun

This final goal may sound funny as one may wonder how in the world do you have fun running 26 miles! Well, I enjoyed every minute of it, minus the 4 or so windy miles. I also enjoyed the training and the excitement that led up to the big day. Running has provided an outlet for personal thought and reflection. I often get asked if I run alone or with a group. For the most part, I run solo and I am content with that. I, however, also enjoy running with others. Want to run?

In addition, I have lived much of my life very active. I have also excelled in several competitive ventures - dance, pageantry, and academics. As I age, I want to continually push myself, strive for new goals, and outlets that are personal to me. I think as we age, and especially as women, we struggle to continually grow as a person because we are caring for others. Life brings obstacles and challenges, and I enjoy having outlets and personal aspirations.

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Question of the Day: What do you enjoy doing for YOU?


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