May 23, 2014

Kindness is Contagious: Toledo Edition

If you follow me on Facebook, then you may be aware that I was awestruck my an act of kindness and friendship from one of my newly acquired friends, Tammy Super.

Now, I must admit that I have "known" Tammy since about August when I first joined Renegade Fitness, and admired her from afar for some time. But we did not really start talking until recently... And, we have lots in common. Let's see we are both "addicted" to working out, have husband's who think we are crazy for our hobby (i.e., working out), have husband's that we are trying support (or nag) to stay healthy and work out, goal oriented, enjoy staying busy, eating healthy, and the list goes on...

Like I said, I have admired Tammy from afar for awhile. Renegade has several members with GREAT bodies, and Tammy is one of the ladies on my "I wish I had her (Fill in the Blank) list. Tammy's arms are envy worthy. She always covers her stomach but I am pretty certain she has a 6-pack that I would drool over. She's petite and just so stinking cute.

So let's go back to her arms. Now, she did share with me that she did a fitness competition about 3 years ago, and well she's not too far from jumping back on that stage! She has arms that are femininely defined, you know the one's who wear tank tops and have great shoulder definition, biceps nicely sculpted, those one's that it's never a question if she works out! Yes, those kind of arms!

Now give me a gallon of water to carry or a 15lb dumbbell and my muscles come out! I am envious. I always enjoy working out with her because she's my fitness model. What weight is she using?  How many reps is she doing? I am trying to use the same weights, reps, etc. as she in efforts of getting that BODY!!!!

And then throw in her bubbly, fun personality and I am won!!!

So last night after our Renegade workout as we were leaving, Tammy hands me a pink bag from Fiddle Stix Boutique (A super cute store in Perrysburg, OH!!), and says "I just got you a little something!" I kind of stood their dumb-founded like what is going on here?!? Shouldn't I be gifting you something since I have been envying you for months? You have been my fitness inspiration, lol!

I get home and open the present and what do I find? The kindest note as well as two Alex and Ani Energy bangles! And the water wells (better known as Michelyn can't stop crying) came flowing....

 I was emotional for so many reasons. Her personal note was very touching. I won't get into the details but she too shared that she follows my blog. I started blogging while writing my dissertation as a "study" break of sorts. Hours upon hours, followed upon days after days of researching, reading, and writing a dissertation takes a lot out of anyone. I began my blog as a "fun" outlet to those dreadful days in the library. I would take breaks and write about something random. In those days the blog was simply, Brains & Beauty.

Then Jason and I got engaged so I figured I should also include my life as a basketball wife and "basketball" starts with the letter B, so we were all good. Now, I feel like my blog has evolved into a compilation of my life. I know I do not have many followers, and I am still developing a niche, but it's another outlet that I enjoy. I do think this basketball family life can be kind of crazy, so perhaps a few of you out there find it interesting, So I was pleasantly surprised to know she "follows" me. Thank you!

Her choices in the two bangles are so meaningful and purposeful, as she intended. The silver-tone bangle, "Live in the Moment," is so fitting. I blogged on Monday about the Words of Wisdom shared by Kelly Ryan, and this bangle goes along with that intention. On the description card it also states that words are powerful, and I am interpreting that as a message for my blog. If I can give inspiration to others to be active, live a healthy lifestyle, get a degree, find happiness in the little things all while enjoying some basketball - I am one happy camper!

The second, bronze/gold-tone bangle, "Piece of the Puzzle" is a reminder that life has many pieces that all together to form one's life! Toledo will forever be a piece of the Team Kemp puzzle that I will forever cherish. I can not predict the future, but I can live in the present knowing that one day the pieces will all make sense. I do know that all of my past has shaped the woman I am today. The people I have met in Tampa, Gainesville, Madison, Fargo, Toledo, and next Athens have shaped and will continue to shape who I am and my family!

And then on a really superficial front... I really love two-toned jewelry which Tammy would not have known, but just has great taste! Last night I shared this tidbit with her. I typically (actually never) wear my wedding ring to workout! In short, the rings are set in platinum, yet I also have two yellow diamonds and yellow gold hearts adorning the ring. (It's hard to explain.) My mother is a gemologist so she designed the ring, and Coach Kemp footed the bill! I too often wear a yellow and white gold nugget ring, shown below, daily. I think the bangles compliment my rings nicely.

Taking a picture with your left hand (as a right-handed person) is not easy especially when trying to cut out your non-manicured finger nails. Mani and pedi are scheduled for Tuesday!
I am so appreciative to Tammy for this act of kindness and friendship. I am a huge believer in the power of positive thinking and kindness. I have mentioned this before on my blog, especially because Nicole Phillips, First Lady of Ohio Basketball, has a blog/columns, "Kindness is Contagious." I felt it important to share this act because being kind is contagious. It makes the giver happy, the recipient, as well as others. So that is the whole purpose of Nicole's weekly blogs and why I wanted to share my receipt of an "act of kindness" with all of you!

I hope each of you has a splendid weekend with family and friends. Please show respect and appreciation to all the men and women who have served our country.



  1. This is so sweet!! I too, envy her arms!!

  2. Love it! I'm so glad to know kindness isn't just a Fargo thing! ;)

  3. What a sweet gift! I want to see pictures of your wedding ring that mama designed! Half of my mom's favorite jewelry was designed by her too so I can vouch for her good taste! Do you remember that 25 ct diamond she let us hold that day!?!?!

    1. Haha! My mother has been around some beautiful jewelry. Glad Mrs. Hall still cherishes her jewelry!

  4. Those bracelets are such a thoughtful gift. I'm thinking I need to find those!