May 22, 2014

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My mother got me a subscription to Women's Health. As you can see, I am a few months late on my reading, but have enjoyed the March 2014 issue thus far.

Gloating that I took two Extreme Results cardio classes back-to-back! Yes, now I do think I am the Hot Diggity Dog. Full marathon plus 2 Extreme classess?!?! Woot woot! Thinking to try it again on Saturday!!! Who plans to join? What's Extreme Results, check out my post here!

Rejoicing that I have stayed semi-sane through this moving process! Much emphasis should be placed on semi-sane; there have been a few moments. I know, I promised I would not complain so I will not. But last night was a complete doozer. Honestly, the weather can not make up its mind. It was blisteringly hot yesterday and last night.

I am continually frustrated because one day I need to put the heater on, while the next the AC! And, I fight it EVERY SINGLE TIME! It honestly has been driving Coach Kemp crazy because I then complain to him about being too hot or too cold, and not doing anything about it! His simple solution? Use the AC or heater! I know this is when my crazy, "I'm being economical," reaction comes into action. Why am I being economical about the AC/heater is beyond any sane person (Yes, I think I admitted to being insane, lol). It's funny the times that I "try" to be economical!

So I had the worst case of insomnia ever! I was unable to fall asleep until well after 2:00 am. I was hot, not tired, and simply fidgety the whole night. And guess whose idea it was to turn off the cable early? You guessed it!! I know, another of my "economical" decisions, lol. In all honesty, I maybe watch 1 hour of TV every other week. So having the cable turned off was truly the smart decision since the TV-obsessed hubby is not around. However, last night it would have come in handy as well as my idea to turn on the AC before midnight!

Well, I am tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. I remember that I have a number of Women's Health magazines, see above, lying around so I might as well peruse those. Now mind you, Prince, the dog, is sound asleep at the foot of the bed. Snoring and tooting away (yea he toots in his sleep). So I get out of bed to get my magazines and turn on the bedside lamp. I am reading, minding my own business when Mr. Prince arises looks at me somewhat startled and then comes over to snuggle (or so I think). Moments later, he jumps off the bed, gets on his hind legs and proceeds to scratch at/reach for the lamp. At first I figured there was a bug, since he is ever obsessed with those. But then he continues with his reaching while looking at me. Somehow it dawns on me... Is he asking me to turn off the light? I comply with his "request" and he jumps back on the bed, curls up, and begins to snore yet again!

So a few questions - Is Prince a canine or human? Ok, maybe I only had one question, but I was completely blown away by his behaviors. How dare he? And me, for complying...

So, then I continued on my IG, Twitter, and Facebook reviews vowing not to get off if the dog seemed to think the light from my phone was bothersome, which never happened. BUT, right when I thought I had caught the sleeping bug, Prince decides that he NEEDS to potty! Ugh...

Enjoying my last few days in Toledo! I so enjoy my long walks with Prince around Old Orchard. I will miss our first home together, but know Athens and Ohio University are going to be great opportunities and ready for this next chapter in our life! And they have really nice dog parks that I am sure Prince will come to enjoy.

Looking forward to my Florida trip! Yea, I am going home for the Miss Florida pageant whose final night will be Saturday, June 21st! Remember that time I went to Florida to emcee/host the inaugural Miss/Teen Sun Coast and Nature Coast pageants. Well, I got to see the girls compete as well. And of course fit in some much needed family and friend time too!

Preparing and reviewing all my Healthy Eats on my Pinterest Board! Honestly, my clean eating habits are so-so these days. I am looking forward to the Athens Farmers Market, and cooking wholesome meals three times a day. I am eating pretty healthy, but not as often as I should. My consumption of whole foods has gone down considerably. I am now consuming a protein shake plus a Quest bar as my two snacks verse having whole foods plus one of those two snack options.

Today my "lunch" was two nectarines and cheese sticks, followed by a scoop of fresh PB and celery. Overall, not too wholesome and not enough food, in general. After doing the 7 Week Renegade Challenge I realized that some of my problem was that I was not getting in enough wholesome meals. Well, unfortunately, those habits have returned, but only for a short period.

My refrigerator is so sparse it is kind of scary. I figured Coach Kemp could make some turkey burgers while he is in town this weekend but guess who already packed the grilling utensils!?!

Repeating the "Words of Wisdom" provided by Kelly Ryan about living life in whatever city as if you were planning to reside their forever. So, she basically said not to worry about what may be next. Go on, and decorate your house. Join that gym. Make friends. All that jazz! I do believe I strive to make a new city my home, but I find myself a little slow in the action department when it comes to making friends.

I am so happy that I did the Renegade 7 Week Challenge because it too allowed me to make relationships with other Renegaders (I made that word up, thanks). Sure, I was friendly with people, but through the Challenge, I really had conversations with other females about their workouts, progress, struggles, etc.

I could never say that I am shy, I was once, but I have grown out of that stage. (I was the toddler hiding in her mother's skirts at events or the flower girl unable to make it down two aisles). But, I still struggle with putting myself out there, introducing myself when I am the "new" person at an event, club, or whatever.

My plan for Athens is to introduce myself to others more quickly. I am going to make an effort to not sit back, scan the situation for a few weeks or even months, before allowing my personality to show! Hmm, not sure if this is a good and/or bad idea!

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