May 16, 2014

I'm Still Here...

Hi All! Its been a little quiet over here at BBB, but do not fret I will be back to my usual daily blogging beginning next week. I tend to get overwhelmed when trying to balance this thing called LIFE! Everything is coming together nicely, but its just a little hectic especially since it is the end of the academic school year as well..

I did start working out again last week, yeah! I only have a few more weeks of Toledo-style punishment (aka workouts) so am doing a combination of Renegade Fitness and Extreme Results. I have yet to share my fondness for Extreme Results by Vince here on my blog.

While training for the marathon, I stopped going to Extreme because I thought it a little outrageous to try to fit in 3 workouts in one day! Ha, my father has reminded me that I must do more than workout, and that that is not my full-time job. I think I may have missed my calling, I would love if my job daily was to workout.

Are fitness competitions in my future?!?! Ha, I am horrible at eating CLEAN 24-7. I can do a few weeks at a time, and then I need a like a day or two break. Those fitness competitors eat CLEAN for like months at a time.

Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully you are doing more than cleaning, sorting, and packing unlike myself!


Question of the Day: What healthy eating principles do you follow? Paleo? Macronutrients? Low Carb?

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