May 31, 2014

June Goals & Workouts in Review (Half Marathon Edition)

Is it truly the month of June!?! It is, it is; and I am thoroughly pleased with the fun things in store for this busy month!

Am I the only crazy lady that loves a to-do list? I know many others do as well.You know with technology, many of us do not write on paper any longer. While in graduate school I used the old school day planner, only because I could then write a daily/weekly to-do list and highlight the things that I had accomplished! Kind of corny, I agree, but it felt very accomplishing to see my once white list turn yellow, purple, or pink! Back then, it was the small things. And well, I am not so sure if much has changed!

With a new month upon us, I figured it would be nice to develop a June To-Do List. I have found that sharing assists with accountability, so I am more likely to check these things off the list!

June 2014
Follow my weekly marathon plan: I mentioned in my previous post that I am planning to run the 2014 Parkersburg News Half Marathon in the middle of August. I developed my own, advanced half marathon training program, which can be found here.
Complete our engagement session album from PhotoBinI, at times, can procrastinate like the worst of them. Making an engagement session photo album would follow under this category as well as....
Chose photos for our Wedding Album: My lovely photographers, BellowBlue Photography, (they are awesome!!!) provided all of the proofs to our wedding. It was my grand idea to arrange and make my own Wedding Photo Album. Well, almost two years later this lady has come to the conclusion that there are just some things that you must leave up to the professionals. I now just need to chose about 100 photos from the thousands taken to provide to Jon and Joan, simple right?!?!
Follow the eating philosophy learned through Renegade's 7 Week Challenge: I would not say that my "diet" has gone to complete shit, but it is getting close. This whole moving process can put a havoc on meal planning! I am BEYOND excited to return to my 5 meal eating regime very soon. I do still love my Quest Bars, especially Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, & White Chocolate Raspberry! If you have never heard of Quest bars, check out my review of all of their flavors, yum!
Unpack from the move: I think this one will be pretty simple! I do want to go through every single box though! While in Toledo, there were a few boxes that just had random things inside of them. I am hoping to unpack and organize EVERYTHING! 

Workouts in Review - Week 1 Parkersburg News & Sentinel Half Marathon Training
May 25 - 31

 6 Miles

Renegade Strength 

3 Miles + Renegade Metabolic

3 Miles

7 Miles

35 min tempo

Killer WOD with Coach Kemp, below!

This is a great partner workout! One person does the workout, above, while the other runs or sprints on a treadmill. We did each exercise/run for 1 minute. The person on the treadmill was able to monitor the time while the other person did the exercise! 

What a fun, intense workout we had! Coach Kemp was hilarious! He is a little out of shape, hehe and is currently layed out on the hotel bed. 

Hope you try it out, and let me know your thoughts! 


Question of the Day: Do you and your partner workout together?


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  2. I love these workout posts! And I am totally with you on the wedding album…that has been on my to do list for too long and I need to tackle it asap!

    1. I have re-made a to-do list just seconds ago. It has a whopping dozen things to accomplish this summer! This girl needs a vacay from her summer break, lol