May 21, 2014

EXTREME RESULTS: Toledo Style Workouts!

I have shared my fondness for Renegade Fitness on this blog a number of times, but I also must share my second workout addiction in Toledo - Extreme Results by Vince!

Now while I was training for the marathon I took a little hiatus from these crazy workouts. I could not truly fathom working out three times in one day. Yes, I did give it considerable thought, but then came to my senses!

Wow! Is the first word that comes to my mind when I think about these workouts. Its a combination of martial arts, kickboxing, boot camp, and pure hell!

I remember my first class like it was yesterday... I thought I was going to die for the first 15 minutes, and I was certain that we had been working out for at least one hour! Coach Kemp frequented the place one time, and thinks I am simply CRAZY for going often!

Ok, so why is it so crazy? You couldn't get the picture from the video above? Well, the workout is really a non-stop cardio and strength-based workout for 60 Minutes! Like I think the trainers start a timer or something because even if a class starts five minutes over, the class is still freaking 60 minutes!

Oh, and the whole class you do exercises on your fists! Like burpees which they lovingly call Sugar Cookies... You do lots of those, and then they add in SugarCookie Push-Up... Or SugarCookie Jump. Or even better - Sugar Cookie-Push-Up-Jump! What the Hell!!!

All the Different ER419 gloves through the years!
I have come to the conclusion that they have a cult following around town. You can drive around and see their bumper stickers everywhere... Walk around UT campus and you will see a number of coeds with Extreme sweatshirts, tanks, and T-shirts!

Today I met a personal goal... I took two Extreme Classes back-to-back! I used to hear fellow gym-goers proudly boast they were taking two classes, and think they were freaking crazy. I do think it is crazy, but it was something I had on my bucket list! Well, I was able to accomplish that feat. And... It was pretty grueling. The whole day I was reconsidering my desires to do two classes back-to-back... What was I trying to prove? Why did it matter? Why was it so hot on the day that I had planned to take two classes.

Here is my picture after class #1! Trust me, you don't want to know what I looked like after class #2!

Today my first class was taught by one of the "newer" trainers, Chelsea (she's been teaching since December 2013, so not that new). Well, about 2-3 people left mid-workout it was that intense and hot! I was able to push through and figured my goal was to get through half of the second workout. I had done the Sunday Funday workout which is only $5 and 1.5 hours, so I figured I would be proud of myself if I could match that!

Well, Tabitha had other plans!!! We did a workout in which each person individually goes to one station and then you go round robin! So I had no way of dipping out... Yikes, I cursed her in my head and thanked her in the next breath. If it had not been for that workout style which I know she "borrowed" from Lindsay, my ass would have dipped!

All smiles before the Sunday Funday Workout
If you are in the Toledo area, I highly recommend you stop in Extreme Results by Vince! You will thank me later! Oh, and they have great deals so it is really affordable! Oh, and if you prefer cycling, yoga, hip-hop, and even TRX they got those classes covered too! I did not even have time to venture to that side of the facilities, but I am sure those classes are awesome too!


Question of the Day: How many gyms do you frequent? Do you go to several to get a full workout?

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