October 13, 2014

BBB Fall 2014 TV Guide

Growing up I was very active with dance - like 5-6 days/week active; positively prohibiting me the opportunity for exorbitant tv watching. Still as an adult, I would not consider myself an avid tv watcher, or even a movie buff! It's always an uncomfortable topic when people ask me what my favorite movie is or actor; I just never know what to say... I can't even remember the last time I went to see a movie.

More recently, I have started "scheduling" a tv show everyday... Yes, I used the word scheduling because I use my Google calendar to remind myself to turn the tv on at a specific time so I won't forget to watch my one show for the day. 

When Coach Kemp is out of town, it is very likely that he will return with the tv never being turned on. He thinks this is so strange! Instead of watching tv, you can find me on the internet - online shopping; reading blogs and news; or exploring entertainment and sports websites. Unfortunately, I can't say I am at home reading 100s of novels, but I may be working on this venture too. Stay tuned about that!

Let's see what I am watching and why!

Sunday - Boardwalk Empire

If you are trying to scale back on the time you spend watching tv, please do not take away HBO's drama, Boardwalk Empire. This is the fourth and final season of the show, and I am somewhat disappointed that they will not be returning. However, this season has been so good!

Did you watch last night? Not one but two people were killed!

I would recommend catching up on all of the previous seasons before trying to make sense of this season since they are trying to wrap-up the whole story line!

I personally enjoy period dramas and history, in general, although I would not consider myself a history fact expert. Some of the other period pieces that I enjoy watching include: The Americans and Downton Abbey.

The show is inspired by the book Boardwalk Empire: The Birth, High Times, and Corruption of Atlantic City by Nelson Johnson about historical criminal kingpin Enoch L. Johnson. The series includes story-lines about other famous criminals including: Al Capone, Arnold Rothstein, Charles Luciano, Johnny Torrio, and whole bunch more who are working against prohibition. And it's not only about the criminals but the politicians and government agencies that are intertwined with the entire organization. 

The show starts and ends with you on your toes! 

Monday - Dancing with the Stars

I have ebbed and flowed with my following of Dancing with the Stars! In recent years, I have not even turned on the channel to catch one episode, but I have been partial to Alfonso Ribeiro's dancing skills and started watching last week.

The dancer in me is enamored with his showmanship and and personality, so I have added this one to my list. I, however, am not surprised in his popularity given the fact that he comes from a dance and theatrical background so I would hope his abilities would be expected!

Now, I do get excited for So You Think You Can Dance!

Tuesday - Not A Darn Thing!

On Tuesday's we take Prince to dog training classes in Lancaster - about 45 minutes from Athens, so I don't plan any tv watching because of this.

Wednesday - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Hands down my favorite series on television has to be Law & Order! Lord help me if I find a Law &a Order marathon on tv because all productivity ceases! And it does not matter whether it is the traditional Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, or Law & Order: Criminal Intent - I am glued to the tv for as long as possible.

You see, growing up I would watch NYPD Blue, Law & Order, CSI, and New York Undercover (not all at once) with my mother. My fondness for police television shows is pretty intense and long-standing.

I am thoroughly enjoying this new season in which Olivia Benson is now the sergeant. I missed Season 15 in which I believe her title was changed from Senior Detective to Sergeant, and I just love her in her new role!

And she has adopted a son which is tied into the series, of course! I believe it was the second episode in which little boy's mother's case was revisited. I was freaking out when they tried to murder him and his nanny!

Thursday - Biggest Loser

It should not be a huge surprise that I enjoy watching The Biggest Loser! I actually really, really enjoy Extreme Weight Loss which has ended for now, and then I saw the BL was coming back so I decided to start watching this reality weight loss show!

I do not have any favorites - trainers or competitors, but I do like that they picked former athletes this season.

Friday - Amazing Race 25

This is another show that I have not watched in it's previous runnings although I competed against Amy at Miss USA 2008, and was happy when she and Jason won. And, they are now engaged - how fun, right!

I am super pumped for Amy & Maya from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Sweet Scientists! And no, I am not simply rooting for them because they are graduate students at Wisconsin, but because I know Maya personally. When I was in school we used to go running all the time around Madison. She was much speedier than I, but she would gladly slow her pace for runs a couple times a week.

I am not sure if you have been watching, but if you have not; please do! Maya is the sweetest person ever! This was even showcased during the second episode when she gave an extra pair of tennis shoes to another team! Uhm really?!? This is a COMPETITION Maya, lol. No, but in all honesty she is such a kind, genuine person and I was not surprised with her act of kindness!!!!

Guilty Pleasures: Real Housewives series, Love & Hip Hop (Atlanta and Hollywood), and Say Yes to the Dress

Question of the Day: What tv shows do you watch during the week?


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