October 13, 2014

Would You Rather....

Have you ever played this as a drinking game? Well you don't have to play it as such, but it is how I was first introduced to the game. It's actually pretty amusing and a great way to get to know a group of people.

I played it with a few of my co-workers a few months ago (after hours and on a weekend!). When used as a game, you must guess the response of the individual. If you get it wrong, or do not guess the choice picked by the person, you have to drink.

Obviously there is no drinking involved with this post, but I thought it would be fun. Of course I want to know your responses too :)

1. Be blind or be deaf?
Although I consider my hearing to be a huge asset, I would chose to be deaf verse blind. When having conversations with others, I feel like one gathers so much more from one's expressions and body language as opposed to just the words that are coming out their mouth! 

I too enjoy running way too much, and relish my scenic routes to give that away. It would be a little more dangerous to run solo if I could not hear, but I would prefer to see the car coming for than just hearing it coming my way.

2. Be taller than you are or shorter than you are?
I would love to be taller and not because I think I am short. The pediatrician expected that I would be 6ft, but I am only about 5ft 7.5 inches tall. When I was younger I did not enjoy being the tallest girl in my class, or at least one of them, but now I would think of it as an asset. 

Hello modeling contract or Division I college scholarship in volleyball or tennis!

I did try tennis as a child, and believe I would have enjoyed it more had it been an indoor sport, ha! But, who would not like to adorn those cute tennis skirts all the time?!? And, I do love volleyball, although I only played for the junior varsity team while in middle school - 7th grade to be exact. I too love those little hot shorts that volleyball players wear! Such nice legs and firm booties, ha! 

3. Be a teenager or a senior citizen for the rest of your life?
Can you ask a question before answering? LoL.

So, I am kind of split with this one...

I would only want to be a senior citizen, aged 65 or older, if I could look like Ernestine Shephard. If you don't know who she is look her up (I have placed the link to her Wiki page on her name). Ok, so if I could be Ernestine, then yes, I would prefer to be a senior citizen.

Now, if that was not the case, then I would prefer to be a teenager. I had a pretty nice upbringing and family life, so I would love to go back and relive my glory days at Academy of the Holy Names (all-girl parochial school in Tampa, Fl) with all my girls! 

4. Have no hands or no legs?
I love running.... no hands. I can get prosthetics, right?

5. Lose your front teeth or both eyebrows?
Little known fact - my eyebrows are cosmetically tattooed on, so sure, take away my natural one's because I still will have some stenciled on!

6. Eat a worm or a cockroach?
I just puked in my mouth contemplating this one. Is it a myth that cockroaches carry diseases?

Hmm, a worm seems slimy so could be swallowed in one gulp. Hey, worms can be found in some tequilas - bottoms up!

7. Spend a day in the Sahara or North Pole?
I really do not enjoy being cold - like not one bit, so hands down I prefer to spend a day in the Sahara. 

8. Have a personal chef or a personal driver?
This one is easy peasy - a personal chef! I work from home, and only drive to go to the gym daily! Shoot, if I was really zealous I would run to CrossFit SEO; its about a 5 mile run (one-way). 

I by no means despise cooking, but in the same right I do not find an enormous amount of joy and pleasure out of the activity. A personal chef would ensure that I am meeting a perfectly balanced paleo diet, and I would be ever so grateful!

9.  Always have to whisper or always have to shout?
Whisper - shouting makes one's vocal chords sore and who likes that?

10. Can't taste or can't smell?
Uhm, aren't these entwined? 

This is a toss-up and smell has won! I like food too much not to be able to truly enjoy what I am eating. But, I believe smell is involved with that but we will side-step that small fact.

11. Wipe with sandpaper or saran wrap?
Seriously? Saran wrap, next!

12. Have Twitter shut down for a day or your blog disappear for a day?
I am not that engaged in Twitter so I would much prefer that I lose Twitter than my blog. But, you should still follow me anyways!

Now, if the question was Instagram verse my Blog, that would be a little more of a challenge... If it was for one day, I guess I would still prefer that my blog stay active, not that is gains me any monetary benefits, but I am trying to increase popularity and readership. Plus, I can peruse many IG pictures through Facebook so it would not be too much of a loss.

And, it is only for ONE day :)

13. Have a permanent wedgie or have the tag on your shirt constantly scratch your neck?
This one has me squirming in my chair! Ok, now that I am done squirming and figure that a permanent wedgie is really no different than thong panties, I am definitely down with a permanent wedgie. 

Don't you hate it when you have a tag that itches? Or, do I have some sensory processing issues?

Question of the Day: Would you rather...


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