October 22, 2014

Watching Water Boil

That is presently my state of affairs.....watching water bowl, or rather for the beginning of the basketball season to begin!

It feels like this countdown to tip-off is moving ever so slow?!?

Maybe this is because my alma mater - University of Florida - is doing so poorly in college football that I am over football all together and ready for a new season - Basketball Season.

And alma mater #2 - University of Wisconsin - is already projected to win the Big Ten Conference. Hello repeat of last year's Final Four minus the part when both of MY teams lose!

It is my plan to attend the Final Four again this year as it will be hosted nearby, Indianapolis. You can read my reviews of last year's Final Four in my three-part review (Wednesday; Thursday & Friday; and Saturday & Sunday).

I am even more excited to be reunited with my former Toledo coach's wife, Rebekah Bennett.

And then there is the diva herself, Tish Mincy!

I miss these girls so much, and am starting a Final Four countdown in elation until we are reunited! Remember, I sang their praises in this blog post when we were leaving Toledo.

Until then....


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