October 27, 2014

The Haunted Farm Date Night Edition

Happy Monday BBB Readers!

Are you ready for another work week?

I surely am hoping that this one is better than my previous. I had a small rant in Saturday’s Weekly Round-Up II that you may lead some to worry about my sanity! I may need to consider yoga (namaste)!

Thank heavens Coach Kemp and I had a fun-filled Saturday with a fall-themed date-night in Lancaster, OH. We dined at Ale House 1890 and then went to The Haunted Farm.

I was not overly impressed with Ale House 1890. Coach Kemp’s steak sat out while they finished my salmon for a tad longer than I would have liked! Food preparation and timing is essential. I do get a little peeved when one patron’s food is sitting there while they finish the production of the other meal. He remarked that the flavor was good, but it simply bothered me. I too was bothered in the fact that I got a very small portion of sweet potato fries (I switched out the rice), and the couple sitting next to me got a heaping of a serving. And, I had previously overheard them discussing switching out their mashed potatoes for sweet potato fries, so they did not order an “extra” side. Now, my waistline is ever so thankful for the smaller portion; my inner fatty not so much!

I promise this post is not another “Negative Nancy” tirade….

After dinner we trekked out a few miles to Pleasantville which was a little north of Lancaster. Lancaster has some beautiful older homes and neighborhoods.

The haunted farm is right off the rural highway. While we were driving, Coach Kemp shared his concern about the level of scary and gruesomeness. I assured him that we would have fun, and as we approached I assured him that it could not be that bad as there were plenty of children. 

Although I'm not a mother, I'm not sure if I would frequent the amusement with a child under 10, although we did see plenty of young youth.

I found this activity through the Athens County Visitor’s Bureau Facebook page! If you live in Athens County, make sure to "Like" their page for frequent notifications of area attractions and events.

To be honest, I did not really read much about The a Haunted Farm prior to scheduling it in our family calendar. I just thought it would be fun to get out of Athens during the yearly Halloween in Athens debauchery.

Now that I am writing this post, I see that the land has a history of truly being haunted. W-H-A-T! Thank goodness I did not do a thorough review before last night lol. Coach and I knew they were actors, but there were times in the corn maze that one could truly get lost.

Coach and I went through the whole 3 attractions in a hugging, intertwined mess. I am certain that we were a sight to be seen. I led the way with Coach wrapped around me basically pushing me forward, urging me not to stop. And yes, Coach screamed more than once, lol. 

The Haunted Farm runs on Fridays and Saturday until November 1 of this year. If you are looking for a fun activity, then head that way.

Prior to our date night, I wanted my professional photographer aka Coach Kemp to practice his photography skills for the upcoming series on BBB, A-Game Attire. 

These photos were taken outside of our residence which may or may not be the setting for the A-Game Attire Posts. In my opinion Coach did a decent job especially given the fact that these were taken with my I-phone.

Am I the only one that dislikes fall and winter? Let me explain… It’s not the cold weather per se but the layering of clothing that must follow. I swear it looks as if I gained 15lbs in these pictures because of the chambray shirt + sweater. I have always been square-shaped which does not help, but O-M-G.

Ugh! I am not a huge fan of layers! Contrary to others’ beliefs that one can gain weight when it is cold, I am on the other team of losing weight so you look half way decent in fall/winter attire. 

Shirt: Old Navy
Sweater: Gap
Jeans: ShopBop
Boots: DSW
necklace: TJMaxx
Jackets: Stein Mart

If you are a college or high school men's basketball significant other (wife, fiance, girlfriend) and want to be featured in my inaugural A-Game Attire season, please email me at brainsbeautybymichelyn@gmail.com to learn more.

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