October 31, 2014

Coaches Corner: OU Oh Yeah!

In today's post, I had the opportunity to sit down with Coach Kemp, Assistant Basketball Coach at Ohio University, to learn a little about his transition from Toledo to Ohio, and how the 2014-15 MBB is progressing thus far.


In your last BBB interview (The Madness Never Stops), you were wrapping up your first season at Toledo. Now, you are in your first year at Ohio. Was the transition from Toledo to Ohio challenging?

Challenging, but a good challenge. Moving jobs twice in 10 months has been a lot of work to get accustomed to new surroundings, but it has been fun. Fun because I enjoy building relationships with the players. This group of players have been enjoyable to be around. In addition, the transition to Ohio has been pretty easy because I worked with this staff at NDSU.

We see that this summer was a little crazy with the transition with Coach Phillips, how do you feel going into the 2014-15 MBB season? 

I feel that we have been able to assemble a roster that we can win with. The players have been attentive and willing to learn, and they are a group that has already experienced success in their careers. I really like our young guys as well. If we can keep everything positive the sky is the limit for this group.

Are you ready for a vacation? 

Absolutely. I was actually just commenting to my brother that I haven’t been back to Madison (hometown) in almost two years now. I guess moving will do that to you. Although Madison is nice, I think a warm weather vacation is long overdue. However, we will be traveling to Hawaii in Christmas for the Diamond Head Classic -working trip for me; vacation for Michelyn.

Any comical events occur during recent practices?

Nothing too crazy, but Wadly Mompremier is a funny guy. Also our most improved player to this point. He is making great strides every day...

Oh! There was the time that Treg Setty tripped over his own feet trying to run to the sideline.  That video pretty much went viral in Bobcat land and we had fun with it.

We've got some great personalities on the team so it is easy to have fun.

How are the guys doing in practice?

Just like any team at the beginning of the year, particularly a team with a new coaching staff; we have had some growing pains but they come to work every day and play extremely hard.  We are a week out from our first competition, and two weeks from our regular season opener.  It is important that we continue to improve over these next two weeks.

Which games are you most looking forward to?

I am really looking forward to the tournament in Hawaii. The Diamond Head Classic will be a lot of fun, and it will be great to compete against the likes of George Washington, Wichita State, and Nebraska.  It would be great to play against our former boss Tim Miles.  We all had some great times at North Dakota State, and his team would be a challenge.  They have built a winner quickly in Lincoln.

Will you be writing articles for College Chalktalk again?

Yes! It was a great experience last year and I will be writing five entries for them this year. Chris DiSano of College Chalktalk was gracious enough to invite me back.  I am hoping to add to their video series this year, in addition to guest bloggers for a few entries.  It should be fun!

I hear your wife made you buy green pants, any word if we can see you adorned in a green jacket?

That is a possibility! I do know however, the green pants will not be worn during a game even though I think I look good in Green…Go BOBCATS!


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