October 11, 2014

Weekly Round-Up I

Happy Saturday folks! I hope you are enjoying your weekend, probably watching football.

So far I am 2-1 in college sports (NDSU and Wisconsin won; Ohio lost). I'm not even sure if I'm going to watch the FL vs. TN game! Jeez, their season has been really frustrating! Can you even believe the newest news about the Treon case? Like really!?!? I am not even going to delve into the scandal because I truly believe that in every case there are multiple truths because of each person has a vested interest, and may view one event in a different light given their mindsight and interests.

I keep this blog very light and non-controversial, so I will move on! 

Well, I completed 4 weeks of the Whole 30 Challenge, and then kind have been in limbo. I prefer not to admit that I have a lactose intolerance, but let's face the truth. Coach Kemp has also been inspired with Lebron James! Did you know he did a few rounds of the Whole 30? I believe he did 67 days. All of this has led us to consider delving more into the Paleo Diet. 

Our lifestyle as a Paleo-er (yes, I made that word up), begins on Sunday. But, this week we have slowly transitioned back to a low carbohydrate dinner. Ok, I have started, Coach Kemp is getting there lol.

Actually, I think we historically ate a pretty low carbohydrate manner. My hope is to cut out, or continue to omit, processed foods and sweets. Ya'll this lady got a sweet tooth!!

So here is the round-up of some eats, and of course, my Athens Farmers Market purchases.

Tandoori Chicken (Recipe Coming Soon) & Roasted Veggies with Bacon

Omelette with Roasted Vegetables (from above), Strawberries & Salad

Tandoori Chicken Salad

Stone Ground Mustard Turkey Burger (Recipe Coming Soon), Salsa Guacamole
& Sweet Potato Fries

You Have to accept my apologies for the horrible state of those sweet potato fries! Coach Kemp typically cuts the fries and I act as the sous chef - coating with olive oil, salt, and pepper; and the monitoring them in the oven. Well, Coach Kemp was handling the turkey burgers so I felt obliged, even though he asked multiple times if I wanted him to cut the sweet potatoes, to do the act from start to finish. Obviously, I need to know my role in sweet potato fries making!

Tandoori Chicken Frittata & Salad

Turkey Burger Salad

Ground Turkey Spaghetti Squash

Steak Salad from Cutler's
I only ate half of this salad for dinner, and then gobbled it for lunch the next day. Don't you love left-overs?

2 Scrambled Eggs & Roasted Vegetables with Bacon & Garlic

$14.50 worth of good from Athens Farmers Market

Next week I will also start including my weekly workouts in this round-up as well. After the half marathon, I took Sunday and Monday off for all types of workouts. I started back at CrossFit SEO on Tuesday, and completed some fun WODS for the remainder of the week. 

Question of the Day: What type of diet do you try to follow? Why?


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