October 28, 2014

Curly Girl Lusting

Negative Nancy came out several times in yesterday’s post, but I then got to thinking… fall/winter is great for many women’s hair!

The cool weather and less humidity really does wonders to my natural curls, and I am grateful! But, I am like every woman on this planet, and never truly happy with her hair. So, I have been drooling over Instagram and Pinterest over these beauties...



Also, follow my CurlyQ Pinterest Page for constant pins about naturally curly styles and products!

I am not completely over my hair! It is really coming along, but this frequent moving is not great as I have not been consistent with one stylist that specializes in curly hair.

Recently, I found a new hairdresser in the Columbus area and am hooked. I found Evan after a thorough Facebook search of curly hair dressers in Central Ohio. I did what any normal person would do and stalked him through Facebook and Instagram, and then read the reviews on naturallycurly.com.

And I seriously stalked this poor man. Ha, after my cut he posted a picture of me on Instagram. He asked for my Instagram name, and then noted that I have “liked” many of his pictures! Hehe, it does not get any better than that! Yes, I confessed to being his curly-haired stalker and we laughed!

He was previously working at his mother’s salon, Elements Luxury Salon by Carolyn, but is opening his own salon, The Evan Joseph Salon, in the Short North Arts District (15 West 1st Avenue) on November 1st! His mother Carolyn has beautiful curly hair herself. Evan shares that she was his first curly-haired "client" utilizing the Lorainne Massey approach.

I already booked my next appointment in allowing ample time for shopping before and after my hair appointment. It is my understanding that the Short North Arts District is where all the shopping is to be had!

So besides the shopping, I am so glad I found Evan because I have been trying to embrace the Curly Girl method. I now only use DevaCurl products, and really trying to vow to not straighten my hair.

Evan not only cuts your hair, but he instructs you on proper care and maintenance which is invaluable. I believe he would agree that I have embraced many of the tenets outlined by Lorrainne; however, I still have a few bad habits to break.

He too carries Tela Organics and Briogeo which are new to me. I am hoping at my next visit we try out some of those products so I can determine if I should try those lines as well.  


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