August 27, 2014

Top 4 Reasons Why I Enjoy Working From Home

How was your Tuesday?!? Mine was mediocre. Like many other Mondays before, I struggled to arise for my 6am workout; and therefore, was left to go after work. But, you are wondering, wasn't yesterday Tuesday? Yes, it was but this occurred two days in a row! Now I love the pm class, but I do enjoy the benefits of getting my workout done in the morning. Overall, I feel like I get more done in my day, and less time is dreading my after work workout during my entire work day. On Monday I did a CrossFit workout, and yesterday I decided to go for a medium-distance run and we took Prince for a walk since it was national Dog Day!

Does anyone regret not arising in the wee hours of the morning to complete their workout?

I too had a plethora of meetings, and files spread all about my desk. Why is it that this year I have multiple students with the same first name, or one's with similar last names. I swear, I am going a little cray-cray!

Overall, I am looking forward to when the new school year settles down a bit. And Mr. Prince is not really obliging my work-day schedule. I think he got a little too comfortable with all the attention he was receiving during our summer break - poor guy! Today I felt like a human mother bribing him with numerous treats to settle down while I was in back-to-back meetings.

But in the end, I would not trade my situation for anything. Here are my top 5 reasons for enjoying my work-from-home gig!

4. Increased H20 Consumption with Facilities Close By. Ok, I am sure you are thinking I have lost it... Well, you are somewhat correct, lol. I have dealt with this issue for years, and the doctors simply say that I have a smaller bladder, and there is really nothing to worry about. Now its not like really, really bad; but, enough that it is severely compacted by the surplus of water that I drink on a daily basis. I aim to drink 1 gallon of water a day, and on a bad day, drink about 1/2 gallon. This means that I frequent the ladies room habitually, and I am blessed to have my office in a nook in our master bedroom. I just simply walk across the room to use the facilities. Yes, it is pretty convenient.

3. 10-Minute 5-Minute Work Preparation. Let's be real! I really do not have a need to get gussied up for my job many days. Last year I did share my horror story of being completely unprepared to leave the house, and Prince had an emergency. Since that situation, I at least wear a somewhat match-able ensemble - one that would not completely embarrass me if an emergency would arise. Now, I still do not wear make-up on most days, and my hair can be found twisted on the top of my head; but, its a far cry from the days when I would literally roll out of bed and sit at my desk!

2. Prince. I know, he is too precious and fills by day with joy on most occasions. Lately, he has been a little more annoying than typical, but that is mainly because he is not enjoying my workday schedule, which means less attention for him. He too is not enjoying the wood floors. In our previous house, we had carpet in our bedroom suite which also housed by office area. Our current residence is 100% wood floors. Prince does have a doggy bed which he only uses to "store" his toys and goodies. People, I can't make these things up! He too is such a hoarder, lol.

He has discovered a new-found love for laying on my work chair whilst I work. Well, he is no toy-sized dog so it can be quite interesting. He too has been demanding to lay in my lap while I work. Both have made typing and holding meetings rather difficult, but we somehow manage. 

1. Eating Healthy. Working from home prevents me from being tempted by high-calorie goodies that are so common in many workplaces. Now, I also have to be planful about my daily diet. I tend to not take a lunch break, so I have too often found myself at 3pm starving from not eating a snack or even lunch. But in the end, I am able to eat a healthy diet on a daily basis, and it is often very fresh since I have the entire kitchen at my disposal.


Question of the Day: What strategies do you use to get up early for morning workouts?

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