August 13, 2014

Ohio Bobcat Canada Trip: Travel Day & Welcome to Montreal!

Greetings from Montreal. I am taking over Michelyn's blog for a few days since she is not in Canada with us, but is enjoying time with Mom Darlene in Athens. We had a very early wake up call on Tuesday morning to get to the Columbus airport. Our connection was through LaGuardia airport which has vastly improved in the last few years. From there we had a short 44 minute flight to Montreal.

So far from what I have seen, the city reminds me of Downtown Milwaukee with a lot more European architecture.

Last night we ate at an Irish Pub that had authentic Irish food. It was great! I guess with all this food I am going to experience, I better stay up on my workouts. Its time to head down to the hotel fitness center! Check in later in the week for game updates! Game #1 is tonight at 7pm!

Coach Kemp


  1. Great blog guys good luck in Canada OU OH YEAH!

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