August 14, 2014

Ohio University Canada Trip Day 2: Prayers & Wins

First things first…The Bobcats have the best fans in basketball! Our group of travelers almost outnumbered the home team last night!

Day #2 of our trip around Canada began with a drive around some of the nicest areas of the city. Many of the neighborhoods reminded me of our old neighborhood in Toledo, Old Orchard.
Picture taken from tour bus!

The tour was highlighted by a stop at Saint Joseph's Oratory on Mount Royal in Montreal. It was founded by Brother Andre, who was a priest here long ago. It is a massive structure that can seat up to 10,000 worshipers. I still cannnot get over the size of the organ in the back of the sanctuary. People from all over the world come to this church to receive the blessings of Saint Joseph. It was packed! 

It was a great cultural experience for our team, but was highlighted by a family that traveled to Montreal from Asia who recognized Coach Phillips from the NCAA Tournament run at NDSU last year. 

Also, we learned that our very own Wadly Mompremier is fluent in Creole, which is a dialect of the French language. We never knew that until he was speaking to a group of New Yorkers who were originally from Haiti. 

The game last night against Queens University went about like we would expect for a first outing. One great statistical measure for success going forward is that our opponent hit 12 threes, most of them heavily contested and we were still able to win. The guys have listened and processed everything we have preached thus far. 

Final Score: 80-75!

Today we will tour Quebec City, and see how we fare against a very good Laval University team. 

Go Bobcats
Coach Kemp

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