January 24, 2011

Sound the Alarm! Curly Hair Products Seminar

Over the last two years I have been on the quest to find the “perfect” product(s) for my natural, curly hair. I must admit that the “going natural” journey has been quite tumultuous with many bumps along the way. Beginning with the BIG CHOP during the Summer of 2009 in which my father asked if something was wrong. You know the majority of black men like long hair and the sight of me with hair to my shoulders terrified my father. Then my journey took a nose-dive when I allowed a “curly hair professional” to trim my hair. Let’s just say that I have never been back to her and she is NO professional.

Although my hair is still “recovering” from my David Scissorhands catastrophe, I can say that I have FINALLY found the perfect combination of products for my hair. Over the past month, I have been stopped by numerous individuals asking me “what product do you use in your hair?,” to which I first ask them to grab a paper and pen and I explain the following:

1.     Every persons curls are different and the right product on me may not work well on you. Additionally, I remind these women that I have many curl patterns in my hair and I just try to work with what I got.
2.     Next, I review the list of products that I have used in the past including:
·      Hair Rules
3.     Lastly, I share my curly hair recipe which is an even combination of:
·      Ouidad’s Styling products 
·      I have tried both the Heat & Humidity Gel and Curl Quencher, and can not tell a difference
·      be curly by Aveda

To all my Curly-Qs and natural hair divas, thank you for giving me inspiration to allow my natural hair to flourish. I must truly thank my cousin Jessica for being the first Butler Girl to go natural. You were my inspiration! My mother at the age of (she would kill me if I divulged that information) has stopped getting relaxers.  And recently I rejoiced when I got a series of text messages from my other cousin, Erica, who has finally decided to end her dependence on that chemical process (i.e., a relaxer). She gave me the inspiration to share my wealth of knowledge about curly hair products to the world. Lastly, to all the ladies on the fence, terrified of letting go of that relaxer… DO IT!!!!

Example of my curls at their best:

P.S. Isn't my bestie and B.A.P. (Black American Princess) rocking the sequin top over her baby bump? Proof that you can still rock-it preggers. xoxo

<3 Michelyn


  1. awww thanks girlie. i had no idea that i was the family's curl pioneer hehe. have you seen my mom's hair recently? she loves the aveda be curly.

    and your hair is absolutely beautiful, so i know you don't need to change anything. but have you tried deva curl or moroccan oil? those are two that i've used also.

    what a fun blog! xx

  2. I'm so going to revisit this blog post when I go natural pretty soon!