August 4, 2015

BBBC: August Book

Hey guys! So you remember that book club that I started, Beauty Blogger Book Club?

Well, it did not vanish; rather, I just elected to not read the June & July books as I knew that my hands would be pretty preoccupied. Ha, and to think that I originally invited a blogger friend of mine right after she had a baby. She politely responded that she would be unable to join as her time was limited with a newborn, and I scoffed at her response and thought "How busy could she truly be?" Uhm, old Michelyn, she was busy! More on that in another post.

Well, the Beauty Blogger Book Club read two books "The Year We Left Home" and "Paper Towns."

If you are interested in learning more about either of these books, head on over to the other Members blogs to see what they thought of them!

Heather - Love To Be Busy
Stephanie - The Wonky Brow

For the month of August, Lisa P of Blush and Back Roads picked "Orphan Train" by Christina Baker. We are driving to Washington, DC next week so I downloaded the book for our car ride. I am hoping that I can tackle a good portion of it while Coach drives, but who know since this will be our first road trip adventure - and by car. 

Michelyn Cynthia

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