September 22, 2015

Violet Catharina: 3 Months

Hi guys! It's been quiet on the blog front. Miss V, Prince and I are thoroughly enjoying Tampa, leaving little time for blogging! It's been a week since Violet turned three months, but we still want to capture her milestones!

Weight: 12lbs 7.5 oz

Diaper Size: 2s

Clothing Size:
 Growing out of all her 3 Month attire! We've done plenty of shopping, but haven't actually worn any 3-6 Month attire just yet. 

Eye Color: Dark Brown 

Adventures this Month: Trip to Tampa. We have had a great time visiting with mommy' friends, Papi's work, shopping til Miss V passes out, and much more.

Earlier in the month, Violet had visitors - her cousins!!!

Favorite Toy: Violet STILL enjoys gazing at her reflection in the mirror! She also enjoys the car seat mobile which plays music, and is slowly enjoying tummy time - for short periods. 

Violet & Prince Relationship: Prince has been glowing since Mimi's arrival in Athens. While in Tampa, he has been sleeping in my parents room and has forgotten all about amiss V and I. It will be interesting to see how he handles our return trip and Athens without the individual attention. Interestingly, he did lick Violet's foot while I was breastfeeding a few days ago. I'm taking that as another sign of progress!

Hair: Here is a picture of myself and Violet at 3 months. As you can see, we both have/had a head full of black curls. Mimi is obsessed with combing Miss Vs hair in efforts of "training the curls!"

Teeth: All gums!

Eats:  We finally transitioned to eating every 3 hours! This momma finally feels like she's not a milk machine! 

Sleeping Habits: This month we also experienced some major strides with sleeping! Violet will sleep, most nights, from 7:30/8:00pm until her fussy period which begins around 5:00am. Violet awakens several times in the early morning hours, but is usually soothed when I place her paci back in her mouth!

Milestones: Violet enjoys hearing herself coo and babble; she's a talking machine! She loves to smile and giggle, same as last month. Though we are still not crazy about tummy-time, we do enjoy rolling from our back to side to chill! Miss V now has nearly complete head control and great attention to her surroundings. 

Looking forward to: The final week of our Tampa trip. 

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