November 28, 2015

Violet Catharina: 5 Months

Weight: 15lbs 9oz

Diaper Size:We just transitioned to 3s on Sunday, one day after turning 5 months old! We were having daily blow-outs which is always mommy's signal that it is time to size up!

Clothing Size:
Violet is quickly growing out of her 3-6/6 month jammies and pants. She fits in this size for dresses and onesies. I am truly getting a little sad that we are moving so quickly through her wardrobe. I have started cleaning 9 month jammies, and storing 3-6/6month attire. 

Eye Color: Dark Brown 
Adventures this Month: We are settled in with our nanny and mommy's return back to work. Mimi and Papi came for a visit. And we finally enjoy tummy time - hooray! 

Favorite Toy: Wooden teethers are Miss V's favorite. She wears her Mary & Kate teether as a bracelet and can be observed getting frustrated/irritated with the Olives & Pickles one too! She also really enjoys the Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball, Fisher Price Kick & Play Piano, and watching anyone throw the ball with Prince. Oh, and she still is enamored with herself in the mirror. I am not sure if that will ever get old!

Violet & Prince Relationship: Prince is slowly coming around. He is certain that he and Violet should share the nanny, though we have been using him as a guinea pig during tummy time, but he is not complaining. Violet enjoys watching him play, though this enamoration is not reciprocal. Prince is still re-enacting Violet's behaviors and positions in hopes that it will bide him some attention. It's a ruff life for Prince.

Hair:Starting to curl up tighter and we have an area that is balding on the left side. Violet is a side sleeper!

Teeth: No teeth have poked out just yet, but teething is in full force!

 Eats: Violet is still exclusively breastfed. With the advent of teeth, came an increase in feeds so this momma is back to feeling like a cow! We plan to begin food introduction at 5.5 months! 

Sleeping Habits: Violet still arises a few times in the middle of the night for feeds, but then typically falls back to slumber. I would say that she is a better night sleeper than daytime napper overall. She much prefers to be held or cuddled while sleeping than sleeping solo in the crib.

Milestones: Using two hands to manipulate objects; flipping from tummy to side; getting better everyday with taking out pacifier and is working on replacing it properly; and getting more and more personality by the minute!

Looking forward to:Trip tp St. Thomas

Michelyn Cynthia

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  1. Hi Michelyn: So glad to finally be able to comment on your blog! I have been reading it for over a year now but I only recently started blogging. You are such an inspiration to a fairly new blogger like myself! I too love fitness (running), grew up dancing (ballet) and although I never had the opportunity to participate in many pageants as a girl (save for my college's - Miss Spelman pageant), as an adult I have been blessed to judge two major pageants! I really enjoy your baby update posts (she's a doll!) and find your structure very clever and witty. (I'll be borrowing the same format when the time comes for me to have a baby. Ha!) Would love to chat with you one day about your degree/career and how you manage it all ... and stay fit! Happy Holidays and here's to a wonderful new year! xoxoxo