September 14, 2013

Our Newest Edition

It's been awhile... I know. Like I said, I most likely will be receiving the Worst Blogger Award for 2013. I have multiple excuses: starting a new job, painting two rooms in our house, my computer crashing, but most importantly, we got a PUPPY! Without further ado, please let me introduce you to Prince F. Kemp
The picture above is from the morning in which we rescued him from the Toledo Animal Shelter Association (TASA)! For those of you who know me, I will simply confess that the decision to get a dog did not come to fruition in typical Michelyn form. You know, months of planning, the reading of books, researching the web. Rather, on a Thursday before I began working I was pursuing the web, particularly, and came across a few cute puppies. I saw Finn, now Prince, as well as his two siblings posted and sent the picture to Jason while he was at work. His response was very simple: "Yes, please!" I was a little astonished. Yes, please as in you want to get the dog or what? You see, when Jason and I were first dating he was completely opposed to getting a dog. I, on the other hand, was truly longing for a dog since I had grown-up with a lhapso apso and missed that companionship and affection that small dogs can show. So, with the go ahead, I contacted the TASA and inquired into the status of the three puppies. In the meantime, I learned that we could come visit the dogs. Well, long story short, we went to TASA on Thursday once Jason got home from work, completed the application while there and were approved to rescue a dog. The catch came when we learned that there was another couple interested in Finn (now Prince) and that they would be given a deadline to complete their application. (What type of deadline, was the only thing on my mind. Uhm, I need specifics and was left with nothing!) So Friday came along and I was somewhat depressed and anxious. Were we going to get the dog? Should I begin purchasing supplies? I even went out and began price checking some essential items! Coach Kemp though I was absurd, and clearly told me to NOT purchase anything. Well, on Saturday morning we received a phone call at 9am that we could come and pick-up our puppy! See, I should have bought the pet supplies! Yikes, so we scrambled out of bed, yes it was 9am and we hadn't moved, rushed to Target and TJMaxx to buy some things and then made it to TASA by 10:15am to complete the rescue process!

Here is out little guy napping on his first doggy bed. Yea, that one was purchased from Target for only $9.99 but since has been destroyed!

That's my boy sound asleep! Yes folks, he sleeps on his back. Isn't it the cutest! LoL

But, do not let this cute face fool you! We have been to the veterinarian twice for his puppy vaccines and he is a complete drama king. Ok, I think he gets that quality from his momma! And, he despises being left alone and is quite the momma's boy like his father, Coach Kemp. I keep telling him that he's got it good since I work from home and am here 75% of the time. What would he do if I worked a 9am-5pm?

Quick Facts:

Name: Prince F. Kemp
Age: 3 months
Date of Rescue: August 31, 2012 (Ally and Kalsow's wedding day!)
Breed: Pomeranian Mix (1/2 Pomeranian, 1/4 Maltese, 1/4 Shih Tzu)
Current Weight: 5.2lbs (as of 9/13/2013 vet visit)



  1. Love the name! Congrats on rescuing him! And yay for him to have such nice people to take him in :)