August 28, 2013

Greece: A small picture and video bomb

Well hello. Last night I got all the professional pictures from our Greece trip and am planning to do a few extensive (aka photo heavy) posts about each of three cities that we visited, but today the UToledo athletic department posted this fun youtube video.

I have watched the video numerous times and it is making me so anxious for basketball season... Who needs football, ha. That previous statement is quite funny as I actually much prefer football over basketball. I guess Coach Kemp and his profession is rubbing off on me.

My plan is to disperse a few Greece related posts over the remainder of this week and into next, but in the meantime, I can tease with a few of my favorites...

What do you think of the Toledo MBBs program?

Did you try the corn side dish yet?

Have you ever been to Greece? If so, where?


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