August 25, 2013

Did you return from Greece?

Hi folks... It's been awhile, to say the least. After two weeks in Greece (updates will commence once we get the semi-professional pictures from the athletic department) and then not having internet most defintely spoiled any blogging on my end. And, as we speak guess where this lucky gal is?

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Welcome to Coach Kemp's office! We now have internet but not yet cable. Since the MTV VMA's are being broadcasted plus the fact that my husband is a workaholic made it pretty easy for me to agree to a night spent at this office. He has a pretty nice flat screen tv so I am not complaining!

I have been toying with the idea to run a few half marathons this fall. I had huge desires to run the Madison Half Marathon this past May, I even registered for the event, but was unable to run the event! (If you remember, Coach Kemp got a new gig and this little lady was not driving 8 hours plus solo for a half marathon; guess I am not that committed)  I had run the Madison half twice in the past so I thought it would be a fun one to do since my last race was October 2011.

Well, there are two half marathons slated in Ohio during the same weekend: Findlay Red, White & Blue as well as the Cleveland Rock 'N' Roll. This time around I am prepared for the fact that Coach Kemp may be busy (recruiting season begins Sept 9th!) so am planning a race that is close to home (i.e., Findlay verse Cleveland).

There are six weeks until these races so I might as well pump out some good training the next few weeks. I have been running the last 8 weeks or so. I was really proud as I did get a few runs with this scenery, jealous?!?

Loutraki, Greece

Below you will find my planned runs for August 26 - September 1. Next Monday, I will update all my readers on my progress and Week 2's plan!

5 miles
1 hr
5 miles
45 min tempo
5 m pace
1.5 hr


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