August 27, 2013

Keep Calm and Coach Basketball

Hope everyone's Tuesday went well... Mine was ok, not too eventful, which is making me ever more excited about starting my new job next Tuesday! Hallelujah!

I know all the focus in sports is football, but in my household the beginning of the school year also means that the basketball season is around the corner. Here at Toledo our season begins in November but the guys will begin some workouts within the next few weeks. My husband's stress levels increase insurmountably during the season (he is a competitor), so I decided to gift him a little reminder for him to showcase in his office.

Since I am currently only a domestic engineer, I have found myself visiting Coach Kemp's office frequently. I gifted him the framed reminder last night and I was delighted to see it showcased on his desk. I purchased the printable from an etsy shop, 4UPrintableDesigns. I highly recommend Caitlin as she was easy to work with and very quick. I had her send me the pdf and went to my local FedEx to have it printed on light card board for around $1. I also snagged the handsome wooden frame on sale from Michael's! In all, the whole gift was under $25, but the smile from the hubs is priceless!

 Earlier in the day I thought it was a smart idea to run around campus and the surrounding area for a 1 hour run around 2:00pm. Ok, here is the aftermath! 
Not so cute! (Yes, my shirt was completely drenched in sweat!) But I was so delighted to see kids departing from a few of the local private schools. I frequently run by an all-girl school and the girls look so adorable in their school uniforms. I also ran by a mother with her two grade-school level children in a different red plaid uniform. It made me squeal with delight as I am a by-product of private/parochial schools. Madison and Fargo did not have very many private schools so it was not often that I would see students wearing uniforms. Well, that is not the case here in Toledo. Seeing all these students made me reminisce about grade school which I enjoyed so much. 

On Sunday, I posted about my desires to spend more time in the kitchen whipping up healthy meals. Well, tonight I made a small feast that was not only delicious but very tastey. I must give all credit to Pinterest (Follow Me) for the side dish, roasted corn. Let me tell you, this corn is to die for and so simple that a 5-year-old could do it, I promise! 

Step 1: Spread frozen corn (not thawed) on baking sheet
Step 2: Sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper

Step 3: Broil for 5-10minutes 

OMG! When I tell you this corn is absolutely delicious. Like words cannot explain how good it is. I am not certain what happens in that oven, but that corn turns slightly spicey and buttery and salty all in one. I could have it every night as a side dish, no lie!

(Credit Information: The original source of the corn is actually for a BBQ Shrimp Minestrone posted at Bev Cooks)

And the main component of our dinner was Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wraps.

What meals have you made from Pinterest lately?

What makes you reminisce about your youth?


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  1. Oh Michelyn... how do you miss those plaid skirts and white blouses we had to wear?!? I think I burned mine when I finished 8th grade. Yes it was nice not to worry about what to wear, but I am certainly glad I have more than three colors in my daytime closet.