February 24, 2011

Busy Little Bee

Today I returned from my last trip for the month of FEBRUARY! Oh, you have no idea how excited I am to know that I will NOT be traveling the month of March and am crossing my fingers for the same in April. I am a person who really enjoys routine and all my constant traveling has put a wrench in my daily planning. And, lets not even discuss my productivity... Sigh.

But on a good note, a participant at the conference approached me and shared that my presentation (I was lead author but 3 other ladies from my program also presented and contributed equally) was by far the best she had attended at the conference! WHAT?!?! I still can NOT believe it! Ha, goes to show you that hard work + dedication= SUCCESS!!!

“Michelyn Productivity” begins TOMORROW! I do have a dissertation to propose sometime in this century!

<3 Michelyn


  1. LOL @ proposing a dissertation sometime in this century!!!! yay for "Michelyn Productivity" and congrats on the great feedback at the conference! Encouragement, and even constructive criticism, helps increase the productivity level!

  2. wow, you are industrious! good job on your presentation. it's always nice to hear nice things :)