February 7, 2011


It seems that I am the person that incurs the most traumatic beauty experiences. November 24, 2010 was the last time I had my eyebrows shaped! Can you believe it? Yes, it has been quite a stressful 2 months. I typically have my eyebrows threaded and there is only one lady in Madison who does this procedure. Well, she was definitely experiencing an “off” day and I left her salon the day before Thanksgiving with NO EYEBROWS! Ugh, I was so distraught! I decided on that day that I would allow my eyebrows to “grow out” so that I could have them re-shaped at a later time. Well, over the weekend I traveled to Philadelphia to celebrate my best friend’s baby shower and realized that an intervention (aka eyebrow waxing or threading) had to occur.

My eyebrow horror stories are making me consider a more permanent eyebrow fix. Perhaps I will have them tattooed or laser hair removal. What are your opinions?

I like her eyebrows (and eye make-up):

What should a girl do? I truly must apologize to those individuals that I have encountered over the last two months. My faux pas…

<3 Michelyn


  1. i say "NOOOOOOO!" to tattooing on eyebrows! i'm pretty sure many a woman has had an eyebrow mishap. and, count your lucky stars: at least when you let yours grow in you don't look like bert!

    relationships with our aestheticians do not come easy, nor are they easy to come by. (i've been going to the same lady for YEARS! actually, my relationships with my hair stylists and aestheticians have lasted longer than any i've had with a man! lol) i'd give your lady in madison another chance. this time, maybe you can bring a picture of yourself when she did your brows just right. this way, you give her another chance, AND remind her of how you like it.

    lemme know how it works out!

    ~ s x

  2. Now you know I want to see YOUR eyebrows! LOL I am not an eyebrows-girl. I usually don't do anything to them, with the exception of this past December when I let TWFF pluck them! LOL I am so afraid of them growing back in as a hairy mess that I have just left them alone. Maybe I'll have them shaped? The plucking hurt so bad, I'm not sure if I could stand waxing or threading! LOL And, I know waxing and threading is not just a one time deal. You have to keep it up. Don't know if I am ready.

    But, for real, NO ON THE EYEBROW tattoo. That's way too permanent. What if, heave forbids, your eyelids start to droop or sag? Then, you have to add face lifts to your beauty regimen or plastic surgery? Where/when does it end? LOL

  3. Sherry~ when they grow back I DO look like Bert, lol. And I agree, I am going to giver her another whirl and bring a picture....

    Crystal~ Unfortunately the eyebrows are NOT banging, but are presentable which is a far cry from last week. And you both are hilarious with the no tattooing.