February 11, 2011

Time is Ticking Away……

Or, is it?

A few posts ago I explained why I enjoy running so much. Specifically, I shared with you my five reasons for running. Reason #3 stated that running is a time in which my mind processes lots of my thoughts. Well, back in November I had a “brain fart” mid-run… I literally forgot how old I was! I actually stopped running and began calculating my age. “Wait”, I thought. “Am I really 28 years-old?... O-M-G! I am!” So after my brief calculation break, my disbelief at my age, I began running again. As an aside, I cannot be certain if the cold weather (20 F) or the long run (9 miles) was the culprit to my inability to recollect my age. I figure both are valid hypothesis.

I continued my run reflecting on the milestones that at one time I had planned for myself. These included that I was to be married by 25 and have my first child by 27 or 28 (there were a host more, but these are the important ones for this post). Well, obviously those milestones did not occur, lol. But what I really realized is that age is just a number and that I am on a journey through life.  Sometimes you can’t put an age criteria for accomplishing a goal or life experience.

This topic resonates because today is my boyfriend’s 30th birthday! This morning I asked if he felt any different and he responded: “I feel like an old man.” Well, I hope he is kidding because I do not think 30 is old at all. Hasn’t he just started?!?

I guess I look at my parents who are nearing sixty and don’t view them as elderly one bit. My mother is still out here dressing fly as ever, going to the gym… Shoot she even decided to be a flight attendant in her 50s. She wanted to do something for herself. She explained that she has lived for others (following my dad around, raising me, etc.) that she now wanted to do something adventurous. I am so proud of her. She travels worldwide and loves it (My father on the other hand... Well, he would be happy if she sat at home, lol).

So I guess this post is for those that are feeling the “clock ticking” or for those that are tired of people asking when will you graduate, get married, have children, start a different job, buy a home….. My message is to make these steps when YOU are ready. People and society, in general, place too much pressure on conformity to certain age-like milestones. I just do not think they are fair! Be you, be different!

<3 Michelyn


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  2. I needed this. I have been so time-oriented with my goals, namely around my education, mostly because education has been one of the only things within my control in my life! Well, that was before I go to graduate school and got to be a dissertator. I am gradually coming to a place where I am trying to ignore the ticking time clock or at least not see it as a bomb waiting to explode in my face. I have always just wanted to FINISH. I am learning to be content in the process that leads to completion. What I found is that "completion," while good and our ultimate goal, has really been anti-climactic for me. Therefore, I resolve to relish in the moments that lead up to completion as they are what I will remember and treasure anyway. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend. :)

  3. Michelyn, I *LOVE* this post! It's easy to fall into the timeline trap, but you're absolutely right. I dreaded turning 29, but now I'm three months from 30 and couldn't be more excited. Yes, we have definitely just started. ;)



  4. hear hear, babes. i'm with you all the way. hear hear! x

    ~ s