April 22, 2013

5 Myths About College Coaching

I often chuckle when people inquire about my husband's job... I thought it would be fun to discuss 5 myths that I often encounter.

Myth 1: The job responsibility of Division I coaches consists only of coaching games!

Truth 1: College coaches have many responsibilities besides coaching actual live games, and I would say this is only a very minor portion of their day-to-day activities. Most importantly, coaches develop student-athletes which occurs during the off-season, individual workouts, and team development exercises. Before a coach can actually coach, they must recruit viable athletes that fit their respective program's philosophy and playing style.  Because student-athletes' first priority is graduation, college coaches also play a pivotal role in their academic development.

Myth 2: Coaching occurs during games.

Truth 2: 80% of coaching - to train or instruct - occurs during practices and not while the players are actually in the middle of a live, action game! I have realized that this is one reason why coaches, many of them, stay very calm during games. In my opinion, coaches typically become irate over "bad" calls by the officials, not always the players.

Myth 3: There is no strategy involved and the fans know best!

Truth 3: If this was true, then I would be the world's best basketball coach, ha. Let me tell you, I am one opinionated fan and coaches wife, but have NO IDEA what I am talking about. I have decided that many fans are more similar, in knowledge, to the sport of basketball than they would like to think. I have heard and read some obscene comments/feedback on various games which are simply comical. And the level of strategy and planning that occurs prior to the game is INSANE. "Watching film" is a nightly activity in our household, one of which I happily neglect to participate in.

Myth 4: Coaching is a profession for those who want to stay youthful.

Truth 4: This is a fact :) I swear, these guys never want to grow up! They have so much fun in this profession, working with the guys and seeing them develop.

Myth 5: The best coaches are at the biggest, well-known schools.

Truth 5: I am in no way discrediting college coaches at well-known schools, but it simply is a myth that these are the only great coaches.

What myths do you have of college coaches and coaching?


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