April 21, 2013

Re-dedicating to my Blog

Dear Readers (all 2 of you):

It has been over four months since I last blogged and I want to apologize for my absence... I had really planned to write some wonderful blog posts about my wedding (Wedded Bliss Wednesdays) and updates about the NDSU MBB season. But, I failed!

I failed because I have been really struggling with finding my purpose for the blog and my niche. I know this may sound crazy, but I wanted (and still do) want to (a) better define who my audience is and (b) what is my purpose. So, over these past four months I have not solidified either, lol BUT I have decided that sometimes writing will assist in this process. So, with all that being I am announcing my return to the blogosphere. Additionally, I have been struggling with desiring a proof-reader. I know this sounds crazy but the perfectionist in me does not want to mess up and write with many grammatical errors. Well, although I may have an advanced degree, I still struggle with the correct placement of commas, semi-colons etc. Yea, yea... that catholic school education and years of education did not nail all those funny rules in my head. However, I am not allowing that to stop me any longer. I am trying to learn that things do not always have to be PERFECT to be done well.

I must thank my husband for his continual support of my blog. He assisted me get all the tabs at the top   and gave input into the summaries that I wrote.

What are your thoughts on my niche? What do you want to know about?

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Thank for the input!


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  1. Love the CKS comment - I am not great at that either so I won't judge :)