July 11, 2012

Gratitude for this Reprieve & Life

Since my previous post, I have done quite a bit of reflection and discussions with love-ones about this time off, or ‘reprieve.' Although I did end my previous post with somewhat of a positive outlook and realization that this month break is most-needed, I realized that I should be more gracious since so many others never get this type of opportunity… an opportunity to sit back and relax. As a sign of homage to this period in my life, I also wanted to share the top five things that I am gracious for:

Getting married in 30 days to my best friend! This definitely tops off my list as I am ready for the day to be here. 90% of planning is complete and if it is not planned to date, I am not fretting over it. I am simply ready to be married so that our lives can be forged as one. I know there are many fun adventures in our near future!

Going on a surprise honeymoon. No explanation needed!

I have a job! More importantly, I have a job that I am utterly excited to begin.

Health. I am healthy as a lark and besides Jason’s few dental issues (I pestered him to visit the dentist for 1 year. Guess who didn’t listen….), he is healthy, as well as, my parents and other family members. Praise the Lord.

Summer. It is my favorite time of the year.

So that’s my list- how about you?


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