July 9, 2012

How Many Days Until....

I am sure that many of my followers are thinking that this post is related to my upcoming nuptials. Although I am beyond excited about getting married in 33 days (of course I have a countdown), instead I am referring to my angst of not having something to do!

It has only been nine days since the last day of my internship and I am going crazy. See, my entire life I have been on the go, multi-tasking, even triple-tasking. Whether I was competing in dance competitions, pageants, training for a race, completing my dissertation, or something else.... I have always been moving, doing something, working, or planning my plan for my next move. In the previous post I discussed my need to take a moment to breathe! Ok, I have breathed enough! I have caught my breath and am ready for the rollercoaster of my life as a married woman with her first real job to begin!

Cheers to my current boredom because I am certain the next few years will bring much positive energy and movement to our household.


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