July 23, 2012

Wedding Resources

Today officially marks the 3 week countdown until we say “I do.” From the beginning of my wedding planning, I knew that I did not want to blog about each minute detail… Instead, I plan to share the wedding details after so I do not spoil it for any of my guests. Plus, I am not much of a do-it-yourselfer (DIYer), so there is not much to elaborate on. I do have one small project that I am hoping comes to fruition.

However, I have loved surfing the net for inspiration and ideas. When we finally get married, we will have been engaged for almost 14 months. (We were engaged on June 25, 2011 and will be married on August 11, 2012.) I must attest that much of my wedding planning occurred WAY before I said “yes” to the proposal and that most decisions were made over one weekend in early July when my mother traveled to Madison.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite wedding websites:

Weddingbee. If you are a DIY bride then this is the website for you. Like I stated above, I am not doing much DIY projects but I truly enjoyed reading some of these stories and gathered many ideas, expecially for my invitation and escort cards.

Weddings Unveiled. I really enjoyed visiting this site for their “Real Weddings” tab which showcases pictures of weddings.

Bridal Bliss. Bridal Bliss is actually a page from Essence.com which showcases black couples on their wedding day. I always look forward to Wednesdays when a new wedding is showcased. And I have actually known a few of the brides (acquaintances).

Brides.com Although I loved visiting Barnes and Noble to peruse all the wedding magazines on the weekends, brides.com was my go-to choice when I wanted to “flip” through an e-magazine.

Project Wedding and Once Wed are very similar to Weddingbee in that they showcase a lot of DIY wedding ideas. Project Wedding also has forums and discussion boards in which soon-to-be-brides can discuss just about anything.

Pinterest I must admit that I did not use pinterest for any of my wedding ideas, but I have found it very useful for engagement and wedding pictures ideas/poses as well as wedding hair/make-up styles.  

TheKnot. Who doesn't use this website? I found it handy for many things. When I first became engaged I used the Budget Tool to estimate how much I should spend in each category (i.e., venue, stationary, etc.). I also spend endless hours reviewing their endless bridesmaid and wedding dresses. 

Lastly, I also used the very common website, WeddingChannel.com. Our wedding website and registries are linked through this site for free!

Here is a list of blogs that I also enjoyed following:

There are a million other websites and blogs, but I thought it would be nice to provide some of the resources that I used. Are there any that you love that I should add to the list? 

Happy wedding planning.


P.S. Set a budget and know you will go over :)

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