May 19, 2013

Fargo Bucket List: Fargo Marathon Edition

I will be honest, I do not have a “bucket list” of things that I want to do before leaving Fargo, but there are a few things that I have not experienced while living in the state of North Dakota for 22 months. High on my list would be to experience/run the Fargo Marathon! Last year, I defended my dissertation and participated in the University of Wisconsin’s School of Education’s Hooding Ceremony and Commencement.

This year, I had planned to run the Madison Half Marathon for the third time, so I elected to be a spectator at the Fargo Marathon! Well, since Coach Kemp went off and got a new job :) my plans to run the Madison Half have been shot! I really wanted to run the race but I am not up for driving 8 hours, solo. Sorry, NOT A CHANCE!!! I am not too bummed because I have found a number of half marathons in northwestern Ohio and southeastern Michigan but have decided to not register for any one of them because our lives are a little hectic at this time, to say the least!!!

I was super ecstatic when I was invited to a Marathon Watch Party from a couple who attend Maximum Performance and Fitness’ MELT classes with Jason and I. Troy and Sydney have the cutest house ever. I need to go back and take pictures to post on pinterest. Ha, but seriously Sydney has done a wonderful job with the interior decorating, and Troy shared all his DIY handyman projects he’s completed through the years. Don’t worry Coach Kemp, I was not getting any ideas for you! Coach is more of “a hire someone else to handle the job” kind of person! Although he swears that he enjoys yard work, we shall see.

I woke at 6:00 am to run the 4.5 mile route from my place to their house. I think everyone thought I was kidding when I stated that I was planning to run to the party! So the night before, I prepped my CamelBak with my essentials (there was also lipgloss in the bag but is not pictured).
My run to their house was not too bad despite the rain. Some large person, I am assuming since I feel like they were hating on my early morning activity, purposely splashed me with a large puddle of water! I was not going to allow that to ruffle my feathers; I kept running, slightly more wet than necessary, and arrived to their place in one piece.  Hey, I knew I was going to have a few drinks so I figured it would be best to work it off before and after the party. The after party run was shortened a tad, obviously I wasn't as sober as I had gauged, so my total run from yesterday was a nice 7.5 miles.

What is so fun about the Fargo Marathon is that homes on the route can “host” bands…. Troy and Sydney, the cool couple that they are, of course had a band…

And a full out spread of food and drinks! Here is the Bloody Mary spread which Brad and Dustin perfected to a tee. They even made their own bacon and pepper vodka. They had various olives, pickles, spices… You name it; they brought it!

I am not much of a Bloody Mary drinker, but I did have a two mimosas - one with OJ and the other with grapefruit juice. Hey, at least I got my fruit in for the day. And, I also got my last Sandy’s donut!!!

I was most excited to cheer on a dear friend as she ran her first marathon! Although this was her first marathon, Steph is an avid runner whom has completed multiple half marathons. Did I mention that she is a momma to four, pharmacist, and married to a coach!!!! How she manages all of that, I have no idea, but I have realized that I have absolutely no excuses for not training for a full marathon myself. She is superwoman and always looks so put together while juggling it all. She is my mommy idol!!!

I was able to cheer her on at the Mile 5 mark as well as Mile 17. Here she is at Mile 17, although she did not spot me at this mile mark. She finished strong and I can’t wait to congratulate her in person.

The best part of the day happened while at Mile 17. I like to consider this a true act of kindness and generosity – giving the marathon runner beers! Who would not want a cold brewski when you have only 9 miles left in your race???

And, we had many takers. Here is the proof:

In all, the day was delightful! I had a blast cheering on the runners, meeting new people, and placing an experience in my Fargo Bucket List.

Congratulations to all those that ran in the Fargo Marathon races - 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon. Cheers to staying healthy and fit.


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