July 14, 2013

Day of Rest & Detox

Well hello from Starbucks! 

Coach Kemp has begun his July recruiting schedule a tad bit early with a little "teaser" trip to Indianapolis. He left early this morning and is planning to return home in time for dinner! His four-day trips will commence this Wednesday! Since he left, I decided to take it easy today. Ha, you see that "to-do" list in the corner. That actually was not on purpose, but after looking at the photo, I figured it was quite fitting. Do you write to-do lists? I am notorious for them. I have about three on our fridge right now, two of items to purchase at Home Depot and Bed, Bath, and Beyond; while, the second is my general to-do list with things like change address for things such as my credit card, car payment, etc. I know iPhones have the list app, but I have an affinity for actually marking or crossing items off the list! (I can't believe I'm sharing how truly nutty I am). Now, my lists are never in sequential order as my next line of business is to browse and enjoy our area mall. The mall close to our house is a Westfield Corporation, similar to the two in Madison.  Jason was ecstatic during his interview stay to report that the mall would be to my standards. Think I should go walk around so I will know the lay of the land. 

Yesterday's update post alluded to my progress, but I neglected you all of pictures.... Well,here is the progress from a room full of boxes to the mess now sprawled out in our two-car garage. 

This is right after the movers left.... Not too bad, right?

Around 5:00pm when I thought this would never end....

The garage aftermath! I promise this is a two-car garage, but the boxes have completely taken over! 

The heavens opened last night while opening an un-identified box that was upstairs in our master suite. It was around 11:00pm, Jason was laboring over some new outdoor furniture and I decided that my unpacking of boxes upstairs could wait. I had a very enjoyable Lush bubble bath!! 

Detox Update:

Coach and I recently joined a boot camp style gym here in Toledo, frequented by many of the UT athletic department employees.  Well, they provided their members with an optional 21-day Detox Challenge. I figure since I have many new things going on in my life, why not start out this whole experience from a different prospective. I have never done a detox of any sorts and SUCK at diets... So as you can see, my past experiences indicate that this will be a huge failure. I got to thinking, many of the bloggers that I follow document their work-outs and/or diet plans to keep themselves accountable, maybe I should give this thing a whirl. So, for the next 21 days I will document my food intake in hopes of sticking to the plan. 

The Plan:
Vegetables (no white potatoes)
Quality protein

Basically, the plan consists of very, very, clean eating for those of you familiar with the "clean eating" philosophy. 

I will get more specific tomorrow about the Detox as well as my food intake for Day 1. 


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