July 24, 2013

My Curly Girl Revelation

It has been about 6 years since I encumbered the big chop! What “chop” am I referring to you ask? The moment when I realized that I wanted to be free of my relaxer (hair straightener) and wanted to celebrate my natural hair.

Well, there was also the fact that I was about to give up my title as Miss Wisconsin USA and I felt a need for a change. It was almost as if I had a midlife crisis of sorts… What could I do to signify this next chapter in my life? Chopping my hair to my collarbone, the shortest I have ever worn my hair, begin the transition to natural hair seemed like a good starting point.

This was a few months after the big "chop" so it had grown out quite a bit!

The last six years have been interesting with the exploration of my curls. I seem to have 3B type of curls. Naturallycurly.com explains 3B as: “well-defined, springy, copious curls that range from bouncy ringlets to tight corkscrews. 3b curls' circumference are Sharpie size. Type 3b hair can be straightened, but it's definitely a chore. Type 3b hair generally isn't particularly shiny and its texture can be quite coarse. Gels and creams work best to reduce frizz and add definition.”

Now that all of my relaxed hair has grown out, I still struggle with finding curly hair products that maintain my curls like the stars showcased below. But, I do not regret my decision to go natural since it is so simple. I workout quite a bit (5-6 days a week) and maintaining straight hair is virtually impossible. I personally never straighten my hair; rather, I visit a professional to tackle that task. I do not agree with the above description about the shine of my hair… In my opinion, my hair is shiny and
healthier than it was when I relaxed it.

Some stars with 3B curls include:

Keri Russell

Bernadette Peters

Alicia Keys

Do you have curly hair? What type?

If you transitioned to natural hair, why did you decide to take the plunge?

What hair products do you love?


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