July 18, 2013

Keeping Positive: Head High Yet "On A Swivel"

It has been a few days since I last blogged; and I had true intentions of 21 days of continual progress updates per my 21-day detox plan. Unfortunately, my life was completely turned upside down during a trip to  a local grocery store. I am not going to get into the specifics of the event here - but, as I stated on my Facebook page, please be extra vigilant in these dangerous times. I would consider myself a pretty observant person, not easily distracted and always on a mission (you remember my to-do list discussion). However, what I have come to learn is that some people are so desperate and in need of a "quick fix" (to get drugs or simply cash that they did not out-rightly earn), that they will target damn near anyone, even in broad daylight on the busiest day of the week (ie., Sunday), in a nice suburban neighborhood.

Wow! I have not had similar feelings of complete astonishment since I won the title of Miss Wisconsin USA, albeit that astonishment was pure bliss; whereas, currently I am in a state that can not be described completely in words. I am now filled with turmoil, stress and anxiety, and complete disbelief of the events on Sunday. I am trying to not labor on the things/actions that I could have done differently (I was not even on  my cell phone! or distracted in any way!)... I am a very critical person, especially of myself, and I am battling with chastising myself when I am the VICTIM!

It is my hope and intent that this situation does not turn me into a coward - one who is afraid to enjoy life and all the great things around me. I am certain that I will heal from these events, eventually. I can replace all the materials things taken from me! I will recover from the internal ramifications because of the loving support of my husband, parents, relatives, and dear friends... I wonder if those perpetrators can say the same if they were in my shoes? I think not, they are filled with emptiness and lack of love, support and overall human basic needs. I can say that I am filled to the brim and beyond!

My 21-day detox plan has been put on delay... I will get to that task shortly in my life. Currently, I am centering my soul and mind; trying to remind myself of the positive things that are currently occurring.


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